Yeo Jin Goo: Free Our Souls

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I sat there counting on my fingers, “1997, 1998, 1999…..2013, 2014, 2015! NO! He’s only 17?!” I exclaimed with despair. I had known for a while Yeo Jin Goo was young, but for some reason I mislead myself into thinking he had turned 18.

This is not good. No, this is very, very bad.

YJG has a new drama out, Orange Marmalade, thrusting himself into our world once again.

This kid. won’t. stop.


AND to make it worse, it’s the sexiest drama I’ve ever seen staring a bunch of youngins. In the first few episodes there is more sexual innuendoes than in the last 20 dramas I’ve watched combined.

I understand in Korean age he is 19*, and he will be 18 (actual age) on August 13th at 12am.

[I am very much so counting.]

BUT in other places he’s illegal!


This is the issue that me and a LOT of other older fans have been having with him since The Moon That Embraces the Sun (a.k.a the best drama in the universe).

YJG’s acting was heart wrenching. There is no doubt he is very talented. But the feelings one got as he played a younger Kim Soo Hyun, were very confusing.


I thought I should possibly call the police on myself. That deep voice, that jaw line chiseled by God himself – how is one to ignore that!?


So I hide.

I hide from the world my true feelings, until August 13th. However on that day mine and about 3 billion other older fans souls will be set free. We will finally be able to declare how damn sexy YJG is.


Until then though, it’s still fair game to talk about this kids talent.

If Kim Soo Hyun is the BIG thing right now, YJG is on deck.

All bad thoughts aside, he is very good at what he does. His role in TMTETS was one of the best parts of that drama.


He tends to pick very deep emotional dramas which could be very hard, especially for someone who is that young and maybe hasn’t experienced all these emotions yet.

Which means he’s so deep and makes me want to… *ahem*

I digress.


In the drama I Miss You, he plays a young Yoochun.

What’s up with him playing all these hot guys younger? UNF

He plays a kid who is kidnapped with his love interest and is forced to watch her be raped. It was very deep for a K-drama and for a young actor. He pulled it off effortlessly.


Even when he crosses over into the sitcom, Potato Star 2013QR3, he does it fantastically.

And also slays you by having one of, if not, THE BEST K-drama kiss in history. How can a 15/16 year old kiss better than all the 20 and 30 something leads in these dramas?





Beyond these four dramas he has a slew of movies and drams under his belt.

His talent is the reason we all should be paying attention to YJG. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is able to cross over into Hollywood eventually.

Many of his co-stars praise him for his diligence and how seriously he takes acting.

So, I guess I’ll focus on his acting talent until that fateful day I will be legally allowed to focus on ALL his talents.

Ya’know what I mean? *wink wink*


What do you think? Will you be able to avoid jail time?

*In Korea you are born 1 and every year on the lunar new year you advance in age. So YJG is currently 17 years old, but 19 in Korean age. On August 13th he will be 18 years old (actual age), but still 19 in Korean age until the next lunar new year where he will be 20 in Korean age and 18 in actual age until the next August and then so on.

  • Widney Meridien

    Yes coz he is not that hot. KThxbai

    • brb scheduling you an eye exam.

  • I’m trying my best to keep my feels in check.

  • Crystal

    To say that Yeo Jin Goo is a “Noona Killer” is an understatement. That kid should not have a voice like Barry White. But ladies remember, if you are nearing 30 or older, he is young enough to to be your child.

    • I resent that last statement! Let me live in my fantasy >.< lol

      • Crystal

        Hopefully he will onto the military soon. Then he can age into the man he already appears to be. Then everyone can celebrate the beauty of Yeo Jin Goo (with post military abs) with out shame.

  • Evez Enrera

    My my got! I have to agree that this young lad from TMETS has grown so deemmm sexy! Who would have thought that this cutie young lad will grow as gorgeous more than Kim Soo Hyun and Park Yoochun! I was awed with every magazine photos he’s in. You wouldn’t thought he’s only 17!

  • Caribes

    I thought he was at least 20 or so. His real age threw me off like jaehyun who i thought was like 18 and is like 27 lol. I’m watching his new drama and so far he’s pretty cool.