How to Work Out With K-pop


20150422_theoneshots_kpopworkoutdasomI’ve always been a person driven by music. I’ve been playing the clarinet since I was in the 3rd grade and have been in an orchestra, and a marching band. Whenever I’m doing something, if I can do it to the sound of music, it always makes it more enjoyable for me. So it makes sense that, when I’m working out, I HAVE to listen to K-pop. I can’t have it any other way. I’ve formulated a pretty decent combination of pre-workout, workout, and post-workout jams as well as delicious smoothies to help you rejuvenate after an intense session at the gym or at home!


It’s ALWAYS important to warm your body up first, so do some good, deep stretches. The last thing you want to do is to pull a muscle while your “oppa” or “unnie” is singing melodically in your ears. The best music to warm up to is probably going to be something with a slow build OR a happy ballad. Songs like IU’s “Peach”, and AKMU’s “On the Subway” are perfect choices.

The Workout


Maybe don’t go as hard at CL and Taeyang, you might pull something..

Ah yes… the inevitable. Where you run, jump or lift for what seems like forever, until you check your watch and you’ve only been doing it for about 5 minutes. What can possibly help you get a decent workout in and motivate you to continue on through the journey of fitness?

The answer: Your favorite upbeat song by your ultimate bias or group. Mine are far too many to list in this one article, but my top picks are basically any Japanese songs by Girls’ Generation (they usually are more upbeat and techno which makes it easier for me to workout to) or songs by Shinee, B.A.P., EXO, BTS, Orange Caramel, and 4Minute.


You should never just suddenly stop working out, you need to stretch again while your muscles are still warm. Always do your cool downs after each exercise and when finished, give your whole body individual stretches for each body part. The same rules (and songs) for pre-workout apply to the post-workout too! Best music to listen to while settling your body down and ending your routine would be good ending track songs that are all about the fans or those that just get overall motivational. Songs like APink’s “Mr. Chu”, TVXQ “Balloons” or LABOUM “Pit a Pat” all fit this category. Anything super bubbly or adorable! For more ideas of tunes to workout to, follow this link!



Smoothies are probably the simplest things to make. You basically just toss fruits in a blender, mix it together, and drink.


What makes it extra delicious is the extra or special ingredients you put in it to make it help you feel fuller longer, so you can get rid of those huge hunger cravings you get after working out (at least I get them; I seriously want to eat EVERYTHING after I’m done working out).


My favorite combination is something I’ve named the “Sneakily Sweet ‘N’ Delicious” smoothie.

I usually start with:
– A couple of ice cubes
– A splash of orange juice
 – 1 banana
 – 4-5 frozen strawberries
– 2 kiwis
– Half-scoop to a scoop of vanilla protein powder

The vanilla protein makes it look weird, but it makes every smoothie taste like ice cream *yum*! This is the delicious drink that’s filled with healthy vitamins and protein, as well as those good sugars and carbs (yes, I said carbs)! The smoothie helps rejuvenate your body and heal any muscles you may have broken down while working. It’s amazing! *eyes glisten*


Here are other smoothie concoctions of mine:

Booming BAP: Kale, spinach, apple juice, and kiwi.

The Cassiopeian: Strawberries, splash of orange juice, a banana, and a mango.

Banging Blue: Blueberries, splash of orange juice, a banana, and splash of pineapple juice.


Always remember to take care of yourself while working out and dieting. Never push yourself too hard and always shoot for realistic and healthy goals! Good luck!

  • Bethany Simos

    I do a lot of improv to Kpop songs, and I’m trying to choreograph a ballet dance to BTS’s Tomorrow. (I have two eight-counts, which I came up with in the bathroom a couple of days ago XD)