#TOSFRIDAY: How do you make your friends love K-pop?

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How do you convert unsuspecting people into K-pop lovers? Since we are always looking out for new ways to convert family and friends…or people we’ve met 5 minutes prior, we’ve asked the Twitterverse to support our crazy ways by sharing their conversion methods.



  • Haha! Love this post! As a RL friend of lizabr3ff’s (though we sadly no longer live in the same country), I can attest to turning up that volume and having a blast. Once we listened to K-pop non-stop on our road-trip to LA for the 2012 BIGBANG concert. And it was a fairly long roadtrip. #goodtimes

    I’ve been known to introduce some of my Korean friends to K-pop or K-indie songs or bands they didn’t know about. Now that I live in Korea, I can tell some people are amused and bemused when they find out about my K-pop love. They are always impressed though and like it that a foreigner likes K-pop. I think that people in general (as in my friends) think it’s a little less weird to like K-pop than they did pre-Gangnam Style. haha. They don’t know what they’ve been missing out on!