SHOTcast: Worst K-pop Pet Peeves

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What’s your K-pop pet peeve? Is it when you see idols acting dumb on social media? When netizens hate on idols for doing normal, everyday things? When a North American K-pop concert is announced and you cry to all your friends only to later find out that your faves are only going to New York and Los Angeles? In this shotcast, DeAnna, Widney, and I discuss the few things that drive us insane about K-pop.


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  • Oh some of these peeves SPEAK to me. Especially the noona thing. Some of my close friends are Korean and I wait for them to address me, but eff that, I’m American.

    • Exactly! I’ll adhere to your culture and be respectful but if you’re not Korean and I’m not Korean why are we speaking Korean …

      • I say heol a lot. A LOT, but that’s only because my friends use it with their english and it is hard not to say it. I cringe when I hear aigoo and omo with non-koreas. It’s all relative, I know. It annoys me, but I let it go. As hard as that may be.

  • Caribes

    I was surprised gdragon found out about garner but him kind of showcasing black american struggles was annoying. Like it seemed he was genuine about his sympathy but i’m 100% he doesn’t understand how garner’s death is the result of systematic racism, white supremacy, and anti blackness. And his fans were annoying as hell, too. They’re like “omg he’s talking about garner’s death etc, what more do you want? if he doesn’t talk about it he’s damned and if he does you still damn him?” it’s like listen up, all of you fans care about is people, in particular black kpop fans (who are conscious and concerned) accepting him and not calling him out. You, like gd, are not concerned about actual black people. you just don’t want gd being called out. and that’s not the point. the point is black people are literally being shot to death by police and there is no accountability. justice is not being served. and if your oppa just wants to parade black struggles well then he better be prepared for the backlash. end rant. I honestly doubt gd, like many other celebrities, just dipped himself in some faux feel good activism.
    on a lighter note: great podcast!

    • Great point!!

      • Caribes

        Thanks. I really appreciate all of you making the podcasts. It’s nice to see a mix of social commentary but also flat out funny stuff. So thanks to everyone who makes the podcasts so awesome!

  • Laica

    Great podcast! I haven’t been following TOS much this year because the bloom of Kpop has pretty much worn off for me and I have no idea who any of these 7245t273 new groups are, but I’m always here for your year-end podcasts. It’s like checking in with a group of girlfriends I haven’t heard from in a long time.

    On the GD thing, I totally agree that him profiting off what basically amounts to an exploitation of the black struggle, at a time when people are literally marching and dying in the streets of America to try to make a change, is just gross. I didn’t follow it but if, as you say, he still has all white people in his videos then he obviously doesn’t have even a basic understanding or concern for the issue

    As for what Salima said about Koreans not having to care about black people because they’re homogenous – I have to disagree. Korea is increasingly becoming a more multicultural country, and while its immigrant population is still tiny it is rapidly growing. Maybe they don’t need to understand our history and our very complicated relationship with race in this country, but it would benefit them to study the failures and successes of other countries in dealing with diversity if they want to avoid having issues themselves.

    Happy holidays to all of you! 🙂