Shotcast: When Idols Leave Their Companies

300Happy Shotcast Sunday ya’ll! In this edition, three of the TOS ladies talk company discord. That’s right, we’re talking lawsuits, infighting, and canceled contracts. What happens when groups leave their companies for greener (or duller) pastures? Let us know what you think in the comments! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @the_oneshots and like us on Facebook for more fun stuff!




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5:43 – Block B talk
16:36 – Is it worth it to sue your company?
21:21 – DBSK talk
31:36 – How do you still consider them DBSK with only 2 members?
44:26 – 2PM talk
57:57 – Is Jay Park better off now?
1:02:28 – Can’t we all just get along?

Agree? Disagree? Want to clarify or correct some of the things we said? Discuss in the comments!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @the_oneshots and like us on Facebook for more fun stuff!

  • Theresa

    You guys are so funny xD This was wonderful to listen to, and to learn more of the groups (esp DBSK and 2PM).

    I think Block B might become K-pop legends – they all stuck together and made it (thus far, any how)!

    Jay’s return to K-pop is like a Cinderella story… it makes it feel like he was meant to be an entertainer (unlike DBSK’s tragedy, where those who were meant to be together disbanded)
    K-netz were still pissed at Jay’s middle finger salute… he’s still seen as a popular figure that has influence on kids.
    Honestly, I can’t wait to see that film, Salima!
    I wonder what it’s like for Jay Park… I wonder what would he be thinking if he listened to this podcast (as if he has the time!). IDK, the whole situation is sad, for 2PM and DBSK fans.

    TOS Reunion Forces – apply alcohol liberally and hug it out! 😛

    • Reunion Forces?? Should be the name of a weekly television show! Starring all of us!

  • This was great. Get rid of the NY girl her voice is annoying.

    • LOL stop it. We all think our voices are annoying but yours is the best!

    • You’re awesome. I sound so yell-y! )8

  • builtbymachines

    I feel like I have been throughly educated.

  • jean

    what does that even mean “jay park thinks he’s black”. how does one act black. i listen to hip hop and i use slang so does that mean i’m acting ‘black’. it is so ridiculous, how does one act a race? it’s also like people saying because i listen to kpop, watch k-dramas that i secretly want to be korean

    • Chill out. Of course Jay doesn’t want to be black. We rib on Jay all the time and have quite a good relationship with him. Please read our black history month articles or our Jay Park week to get a better understanding of our humor.

  • peatease

    Did any of you watch the YG WIN series? Going through a tough trainee ship, seeing others come and fail. For those who actually debut, I don’t understand how they could split up. I’m inclined to think entertainment companies must do worse things than underpay, to make said groups break up.

    • I agree. I watched YG Win (I am emotionally distraught and will never be the same again) It was like watching my two children be put in front of the firing squad! #TeamAB

      I digress, I think it is hard to see how groups could disband. Maybe companies do do some terrible things. But, what if some people just don’t get as attached as we think. Maybe some don’t become everlasting friends like we see with groups like the Win guys. I feel like it has to be a case by case basis. But I guess we will never truly know.

      *Until I marry Zico, then I’ll let you know.

  • Anna

    omg this podcast. all three splits were horrible for me cause i loved all 3 groups at the time of their split. godddd whyyy. dbsk was what brought me into kpop and it just. when they split it was a shocker! they were at the top. came back with mirotic and broke like a bunch of records. won everything. and i think the thing that hurt fans the most was how long the law suit like dragged on! the whole time the lawsuit was happening which was like years (they finally won/agreed to stop like what this year?) fans were still holding onto db5k. that they would get back together somehow. so as a cassie and then a sorta fan of blockb i thought those boys would never come back. what with how sm handled the whole jyj thing. but the thing about blockb is stardom isn’t that big. they don’t have all that money to spend on lawsuits and the influence to do what sm did? so i guess they just decided to split and move on. which is good. i’m so happy for them cause they came back and it is fantastic. jpark was my favorite 2pm member. -_- i must be bad luck or something. so i watched all that happen too. i didn’t think jyp would let him come back, but i guess at the time the public was really on his side. jay apologized and admitted that he was wrong or something and jyp was like ok. we hope you succeed in your future endeavors. i think that’s how that one ended. fantastic podcast! 😀

  • SakiVI

    i think Stardom didn’t want the continued hassle of dealing with Block B. And people forget, Stardom is not a big company like SM. It would be a painfully expensive nuisance to keep fighting Block B who declared they would not work with Stardom anymore post-lawsuit. Plus, Stardom doesn’t have the same clout as other agencies. I think their reputation must’ve gone down starting from the split the company that has Phantom (used to all be one company). So, if Stardom could sign over the contracts to another company, that actually works for them because they can move on.

  • SakiVI

    Btw, do these groups really think of each other as brothers? I thought that was just a line for the saesangs.