SHOTcast: The Year in Korean Hip Hop

Happy Shotcast day everyone! Today, I brought on a guest to talk the year in Hip Hop. I’m talking Hip Hop beef, collaborations, and culture. And no conversation about Korean Hip Hop culture is complete without a discussion about the oft-times misguided influences of American Hip Hop and black culture. Hip Hop was controversial this year. So turn your speakers up and cover the ears of the little ones as we wrap up the year in Korean Hip Hop!

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How the Kendrick Lamar verse influence Korean Hip Hop – 4:20
G-Dragon x Missy Elliott x Jay Z – 13:00
The year in Taeyang fuckery x black culture’s misappropriation – 22:00
Wa$$up’s Twerking concept – 34:50
Black men and women in K-pop – 41:50
BTS vs. B-Free and “authentic” Hip Hop – 47:30


Kendrick Lamar – “Control
Peter Fox – “Alles Neu
An Open Letter to Taeyang
TOS Family discussion about BTS vs. B-Free

What do you think about the topics we talked about? Did you follow any of these when they happened? Anything in Korean Hip Hop we missed for 2013?

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  • fckoff

    I’m still mad that Epik High didn’t release their 10th anniversary album, but over all it has been a great year for Khip hop.
    Oh and about B-Free, it kinda saddens me that more people know him now because of the whole BTS thing and not because of his great music. Oh well.

  • nappyco

    Thanks for this podcast. As a new black kpop fan, your website has been a huge source of humor and sanity in what is a fun but somewhat masochistic hobby.

  • Ash

    I just found your podcasts and i love them! but what is the song at the beginning of this? its sounds so gooodd