SHOTCAST: The Highs and Lows of K-pop Concerts

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Happy Shotcast day everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, but here’s a podcast we recorded months back, before all of the crazy pandemonium that is concerts came to the U.S. and parts of Europe. We discuss concerts coming overseas and how they make us happy, but sometimes make us really really sad. There’s only so much you can take of the fangirl in front of you blocking your view with her dumb “I LUV YOU YONGGUK OPPA!” sign before you go crazy.

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What’s your experience been like with K-pop concerts? Are they worth going to or would you rather stick with the fancams?

  • Letidolsdate

    Oh my Lord when you brought the ‘Oppa’ ‘Unnie’ thing I cringe. The same thing happened to me when I went to an audition. I was chatting with a girl and she kept calling me unnie, and inserting common Korean words wherever she could. I was so thrown off every time she spoke.

  • I’ve only ever been to one concert which was INFINITE in London, it was an awesome concert but my only concern was the pushing, it was so extreme, my friend and I were at the 4th row initially but we ended up at the 8th row. A lot of people fainted and it wasn’t even the middle of the concert. I agree about lodging and travel fares, since I don’t live in London, I had to fly in from Ireland. We got VIP tickets but there was honestly nothing special about it, we were treated just like everyone else, why are they so expensive T__T

    I’m short too, I wore boots with 1.5 inch heels, all through out the concert, I relied on the LCD screen because there were a lot of tall people in front of me, some people even brought stools!
    I managed to smuggle in water lol
    I wanted to go see BAP in April but I had my finals the next day, I’m still upset about it lol.

    • you got water in? Wow! you are a master.

  • thekors

    “Are they worth going to or would you rather stick with the fancams?”

    (half of) MY MAIN GRIPE! The most expensive tickets are normally the rockpit ones yet despite paying as much, you could end up a meter away from this group of ppl who have the luxury of time (and possibly money, to pay some random ppl) to queue overnight, or many nights before. And eventhough you’re only separated by a meter, that person in front has the biggest placard known to men and are too engrossed in getting the most perfect picture/video of the artistes that you effectively get only (top) half view of the desired objects.

    Then comes the bazooka-like telephoto lenses from those behind you, conveniently resting on your shoulders or just knocking your heads from time to time (I’ll save the rant on stools for some other time)

    • STOOLS!!!!!!! My arch enemy.. I got some crazy stool stories from KCON press…

      • Widney Meridien

        I know that sound mean but if I ask you nicely to remove the stool and you don’t. I will kick it. I mean I paid big money to come and watch this. If you want to step on stools then go in the back rows. I really don’t understand why you guys put up with that foolishness.

        • The fangirls are rabid. Kick their stool and they will fight you and then set their stool up in the same spot and watch the show like nothing happened.

          • #truth

            Plus some have those fake nails that I could never function with and they scratch.. I personally like my face.

  • We are renting a car and getting a hotel…. what happened????? Thanks for housing us guise!!! lol

  • Letidolsdate

    How many podcasts do y’all have recorded?

  • Though I enjoyed BAP LOE London, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have – tired from queueing, squished by the crowd,couldn’t see due to all the fancams and arms in the air, etc.

    The thing I found most disappointing about LOE London was fan behaviour. I saw 4 people get pulled from the pit before BAP came onstage. Which is ridiculous. I have been to metal concerts, and the moshers were much better behaved. At Motionless In White, I saw an unconscious girl get carried about by 4 guys. She was up and moshing within 15 minutes, without a scratch on her, because the other fans were considerate. This consideration is something K-pop fans seem to lack. Either that or something about mob-think fucks them up, big time.

    But to end things on a positive note, expense aside, LOE London was great. Had a ball of a time with my friends at the concert, toured around London doing free touristy things, went to Chinatown (where I found the most glorious bakery).

    • Lol that the highlight of your night were pastries.

      • The day before, actually. But glorious nonetheless
        I may have a giant crush on London, specifically Chinatown. Don’t judge me

  • Alysimo

    I wondered where the best place is for standing for catching things like jackets and light sticks?
    I’ve always had seats and it seems people around the middle usually are the ones who end up catching it.

    • I was on the right side. I think it’s just luck really. You just never know.