SHOTCAST: The Best & Worst of K-pop Concerts 2015

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It’s almost 2016! And what better way to ring in the new year than by reflecting on the previous one? 2015 was a huge year for K-pop concerts, specifically in the U.S. Everyone and their mothers showed up: Big Bang and their MADE tour, BTS’ Red Bullet venture, VIXX’s jaunt, and a bunch of others.

We invited MoonROK’s Hannah Waitt to talk KCON NY, the BTS/TGM fiasco, and our favorite K-pop concerts of 2015!

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  • Queen Ravie

    Doesn’t MyMusicTaste have somewhere that if your city isn’t chosen, but you have your money on it, after 6months you get it back?
    Or it was when I got there last time 6months ago, maybe it changed there was a thing you got money back.

  • mundyyys

    I kick myself because I should’ve seen Big Bang this year, but I have no regrets about my BTS TRBinNYC experience. They killed it and pulled me deeper into the RM/Bangtan Trash Can. If I had known he was going to pull a disappearing act, I would’ve gone to see Iron when he came to NYC earlier this year also.

  • Sarah Lacy

    If I were to go to a concert, Chicago would be my best bet. BTS TRB came to Chicago when my family was on a road trip vacation to Virginia and I was so mad. I would have skipped the family vacation for that concert, would’ve been more than worth it, we’re all too old to get stuffed in a minivan for a week anyway. My friend who lives in Chicago was sending me pictures that her roommate had got of them at Six Flags or wherever, and I ended up near crying while watching your live tweets of the concert by myself in a room of this cabin we rented out in the middle of Virginia. SO MADDDD. So I haven’t been to a concert but I was at TRB Chicago in spirit…