SHOTcast: The K-drama endings we hated

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It’s that time again! When three drunk girls talk about things only K-pop fans care about. Today, we rant over the K-drama endings that made us tear our hair out. And somewhere along the way, we also lament over the OSTs that make us cry, and the actors we watch no matter what.

Let us know in the comments what your least favorite K-drama endings are!

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  • Sushu Wang

    CHEESE IN THE TRAP was the worst! I had NO closure.

  • hneul

    Me too,at the end of last episode i feel something that i lost,& I want to searched anywhere… 🙁

  • Sushu Wang

    I also didn’t like the ending to Surplus/Mermaid Princess. The ending was too abrupt and not all conflicts were resolved. This is mostly due to the producers changing it from a 14 episode to a 10 episode show T_T

  • Caribes

    Yes to what whoever talked about closure! I really enjoy dramas that do that. Should I still give cheese in the trap a go? I enjoy the webtoon a lot but i heard the same things you guys said so i’m not sure whether to watch it cuz im curious or save myself from that mess.