SHOTcast: Fandoms Be Crazy

300 We all have had our good and bad experiences with fandoms. Fans are amazing because they do things as a group that we can’t do as individuals: they set up websites dedicated to their biases, make awesome fanart, donate tons of food to charities, slave away over subtitles, and genuinely try to make their favorite idols feel as if they are special. But fans can also be overbearing, irrational, and quite frankly, a bit scary. As bloggers, we’ve had the (mis)fortune of interacting with the fans who want to cut our heads off whenever we say something they don’t agree with. In our latest SHOTcast, we complain about how crazy fans can get, why they get so outspoken, and which entertainment companies have the craziest fans.

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  • Claire

    I feel like fandoms and its fans are more hurt to the group’s criticisms than the group themselves. And I agree with the UKiss and UBeat I don’t think they are promoted properly b/c in other groups you will hear their comeback weeks/months before but not them. Lastly the reason Onew is my bias b/c he is clumsy and for some reason that is what makes him the best XDD you guys are the best!

  • Overall, I just think that K-Pop is getting much bigger and more known internationally. Of course as you guys have mentioned, this is all in the influence of kids’ access to internet. I feel that pre-2009 K-pop intl. fans are the most mature. They could’ve been a bunch of crays back then, but I wasn’t as invested into K-Pop back then as I am since 2009. It’s just it wasn’t as easily accessible. Like I literally had to search really hard to find songs. But now, it’s just much easier.

    I agreed with a lot of your guys’ points. I definitely agree with most, if not everything, you guys said about YG. I’ve always thought Big Bang & 2ne1 were the ones that could actually really make it big in America. That’s easy for everyone to say because their music is basically influenced by American & European music. Their music is basically mainstream music but just in Korean. Big Bang & 2ne1 music has been my way of getting my friends to like K-Pop lol. But with this, I do think they attract a lot more casual fans. Of course they have their dedicated fans who invest in everything they do. But from most that I’ve seen, YG fans are just casual K-Pop fans or just YG music listeners. YG is definitely music concentrated. They have to be. As you guys already mentioned, most of their artists kinda sucks at variety. I think this is why YG group fans get the label of being “elitists” because this IS a music industry and it’s YG songs sell MAINLY because they ARE good.

    In comparison to YG group fans, SM group fans are ABSOLUTELY invested in their groups. This is because SM literally puts them in all kinds of activities. SM’s definitely making them out to be IDOLS by focusing on multi-entertainment and not just music. This is usually the reason why there’s always that SM vs. YG discussions. I say, it just depends on that person’s taste, but both companies are definitely succeeding at what they do. SM group fans can be crazy. It’s because they’re so invested in their groups. Also, possibly because of appearance, there are a lot of young SM group fans that just makes a mess of their own fandoms. That’s because they can’t take any criticisms about their group unless they know that person criticizing them is also a HUGE fan of THEIR group. I’ve seen fans get mad at other people for mentioning the very same flaw they laughed about.

    As for JYP, you’re right.. I really don’t know what to make of their fans. I follow a lot of their groups, but I wasn’t invested enough into their groups that I only go as far as listening to their songs, reading a few articles here & there, and watching some shows once in a while.

  • A

    in defense of sm fans. because i like dbsk and exo i guess i know what i’m talking about. yea they’re crazy. and a lot of times the fans REALLY freak me out. i think it’s because i’m older that when i see these girls freaking out about things i just don’t understand. the buying of the albums. i’m not really hard core about it. i used to only buy dbsk repackaged albums cause those always have more songs. but i DO own all the albums. and sm really really knows how to get their fans to spend. before at least they only had the album and then the repackaged album. now they have a million versions of one album. and THEN the repackaged albums. don’t even get me started on exo. they’re 2 groups so you feel like you have to support by buying both albums and then the friggen repackaged ones too. -_- anyways the reason why i think sm fans are so nuts buying the albums is because the company takes like a majority of the earnings and you feel like you’re supporting the group by buying albums and photo books and blah blah. and also when you’re an sm group fan. it’s kind of expected that your group is going to win because sm groups, i feel always win. so when you don’t it’s a failure? do you see where i’m getting at here? because when it comes to “sm town” there are so many groups that it’s also like competition between the groups. if your group isn’t number one. if your group isn’t the most popular compared to their peers. they get put on the back burner. hello fx! <– don't even have a fanclub. so if you don't support your group the company will just support one of their more popular groups. they have plenty. or they'll debut a new group. they have plenty of trainees waiting. this is one of the reasons why sometimes fanclubs don't get along. lol it makes no sense to me because the groups are all super friendly. but sometimes fans of one group will bash another sm group. mostly cause they'll feel threatened.

    when it comes to fans defending their idols. i think it's because of the sm image. the sm image is like innocent and clean cut. these kids have like boys/girls next door images. so the fans feel like i don't know protective of them? so even as they grow older and shed that image like suju and dbsk it's kind of hard to change the way you see them. it takes a long time to stop feeling so protective over them. and also because these sm idols are all over the place. i feel like fans get sucked in because of looks and then they stay for their "personalities". they feel like they know their idols. that's one of the big things about sm. their idols are funny and blah blah. they have variety skills. they know how to talk. and so fans fans get attached cause they feel like they know the idols. like to sm fans those things are more important than whether a person is the best singer or dancer. you get attracted to their face and stay for the stupid shit they say and do on tv. but you know sm artists aren't just looks. most of them are competent singers/ dancers. some of them are really great. some can't do anything. and we know they're there cause of looks.

    seriously that's what gets me. yea i admit i like pretty boys. but when you like kpop is that ever like number 1 priority? all of them are so pretty. does being attractive make you stand out. my friend is an sm stan. she loves every sm group but she could never get me into them. then she showed me exo. telling me how pretty they were and blah blah. i looked at them and yea they're all cute. but so what? all sm idols are pretty. if i'm not going to like shinee why would i like exo? but god they're so awkward and stupid ALL THE TIME. that's seriously what hooked me. these kids are like fumbling. and saying shit in interviews. i couldn't even believe they were sm idols. like did they not get trained to do interviews? i started liking them cause yea they make me laugh. and what is love is such a good song. wtf their main singers are so good. and you know they really are just sweet boys. from what i've seen as a fan. and that's what makes me an exo fan.

    that's also why i like ukiss. they make me laugh so much. and also i got into them during stop girl. and that song was addicting! i feel sorry for them that they're such an underrated group.

  • Annum Sadiq

    Well from my own point of view I think every fandom has those crazy fans that don’t think twice and just put their everything in supporting them and would murder anyone in a split second.

    I have met fans from SM, YG and JYP that would chop u into a million pieces and feed you to the lions if you said something wrong about any group and to be honest i feel its mostly the younger girls that are crazy like i am 16 so i could be considered young (I hope) but i have been in Kpop since like 2007 or around about that time so i have passed that stage of being crazy and killing anyone who said anything wrong about my favorite group. I don’t really understand why u would try and defend your favorite idol if they done something wrong hey they done something wrong u should just accept it and leave it be. One thing that really pisses me of is when an artist does something for example when onew stuck up his finger on that radio broadcast and SM released that statement saying he was reflecting on what he did wrong i am sorry but really i don’t see anything wrong in that because frankly a lot of these people have probably done and heard stuff which is much worse than a simple middle finger and I like it when idols swear or do simple things like this cause it shows u how human they are and that they don’t just stick to a simple image don’t get me wrong i am a huge SM fan and i wouldn’t deny that sometimes SM does have the tendency to go for looks rather than talent but they do choose those who they know have potential because i would say minho has come a long way from the noona your so pretty days he may still not be the best but he has improved and they do have really amazing vocal talent for example kyuhyun, yesung, onew, ryeowook, jonghyun, luna and the list goes on but i think the fact that SM solely does go for looks the companies singing talents are sometimes overlooked.

    Ok now onto the fans which i really hate is saesang fans i’m sorry these fans should consult some medical help because really would u not want to be noticed by the person who u admire and look up to in a good way and not a bad way i could rant for days on my hatred for these kind of fans!

    And finally onto album buying i only buy albums in which i like every single song or the majority of songs on the album because even though Kpop does really have some amazingly attractive men and is part of the reason i am drawn to it for me though it is mostly the music that i enjoy because that comes first for me because no matter how good looking a group is i never become a fan unless i enjoy their music for example super junior when i first got into kpop i wasn’t really a fan of them because i didn’t enjoy their music but then SHINee made their debut in 2008 and i instantly became a fan because i loved their music i have all of their albums because i liked every single song i don’t really see the point in me wasting my money if i only like one song on the full album so if that is the case i only download that one song rather than buy the full album.

    I would say i am a crazy fan i am obssessed and i do have the tend to get annoyed if anyone bashes somenone i like but i am sane enough to not take it to heart cause i know everyone has different taste in music I would never stalk my bias or anything they are human after all but i am crazy enough to stay up until an mv is relesed or spend hours on end goggling my biases and drooling over their pictures its just the way i am lol. I know i need help when it comes to this stuff but u really get lost in this stuff *sigh*

    Ps i really like your blogs they always make me laugh 😀

  • Most fandom members just kind of… force themselves to believe that oppar or unnir are perfect and when someone comes along and doesn’t agree with the obvious, they attack.

  • Kateliese

    i’m a cool (lazy) fan like salima! haaa. of course i’d love it if my idols won big awards, and if my voting will help them get there, then hell yeah, i’m gonna take the effort to vote. things like those site polls however, are really unimportant so i really don’t think minor things like that are worth the effort.

  • superfangirl

    I really loved your point and about the SM phenomenon of the fans attaching themselves to the idols rather than the Artistry of the idols. Also the company presents a false identity for their groups and idols and always the truth eventually comes to the surface. When the cracks begin to appear the fan(atics) who are in it for the looks (and the feeling of the possession they are deluded into feeling) these fans cannot handle their fantasy being taken away from them. If you love the music, who cares if they have a girlfriend/boyfriend or like what they do in the dorm or whatever. But if you are pressed about the idol you actually are not here primarily for the music you are here to fangirl about the man/woman. Love the talent not the boy/man or girl/woman. I am an intense fan but if you don’t have the goods then really what is the point?

  • ajj

    GDTOP with Daesung on NAN was epic, both of them are great in variety actually. And I have to agree History is amaaazing.

  • TheJadeBullet

    I’ve just experienced the hive mind of incredibly delusional YG stans who have just absolutely swarmed over AKP’s little notification of CL’s MV release. This shows that even the YG stans have their crazies.
    Even though YG markets talent more than looks or personality, these so-called “fans” just blindly accept whatever the machine feeds them. They don’t even bother to acknowledge the fact that there may be differing or “unpopular” opinions regarding their “oppars” and “unnirs” and that there actually do exist people who can look beyond the pristine, polished exterior of kpop and see what really matters.
    No, I wasn’t happy with CL’s debut song. Why? I stated my points, refrained from drawing excess comparisons and even made suggestions for improvement. That’s the definition of constructive criticism. These kids believe that anything produced or performed by their “bias” has to be golden and has to be an all-kill and it absolutely has to be the best thing ever. And that just isn’t true.
    No matter how much YG may promote favouring talented individuals over pretty ones, the “crazy fangirl/boy” mentality still exists. It may not (yet) be on SM’s level but it does exist.

    Regarding the lack of reading comprehension skills, I can agree wholeheartedly. The extremely crazy fans don’t even bother to read what you’re saying; from the moment they get a whiff of dissent, they immediately want your head on a silver platter. I’m sorry, if I think something sucks, I will say so. If you have a problem with that, then you’re clearly delusional.

  • TOPTOPTOPclass

    Fandoms, we’re all delirious in our own way, but some come out of it, some just stay deep in the hole that they’ve dug around their worship for their “idol”. BTW, I love the podcast ladies!

  • TOPTOPTOPclass

    Alright, so I just finished the whole podcast. Fan wise, I am like Salima. Cares for the music and the important polls, but can get crazy with specific group(s) during promotions. Which, for now, has only been Bigbang. As you can tell, I am YG “bias” (that’s for you Salima! Haha).

    I detest fans on the SNS sites that follow their artist and spam them like crazy just to get attention/reply. I do it to, but it’s more of a response or my own joke that only I understand, not an “OPPA, YOU SHOULDN’T BE AWAKE RIGHT NOW”, and the “shipping” that’s the WORST I tell you! Don’t even get me started on comments left on articles. I read it for laughs, knowing that there are more ignorant and less educated people than me, makes me feel kind of smart. Plus in my books!

    I do enjoy grps from other companies, but it just really comes down to the music that they produce and release. If I like a group, I’ll check out what they put out whenever they have a comeback. Other than that, hello life.

    Btw, I will have to check out History, I don’t even know or have heard any of their songs! Thanks for mentioning them. And Michelle, I understand your love for CClown, you go on right ahead and support them w/ your 5 copies 🙂 The most I’ve done, 2. You’re not all that crazy.

    • LOL thanks love! The only time I get crazy is when I wake up early to get in front of the line for Big Bang (and discover that crazier people are in front of me :P)

  • nabz

    This was a great podcast. I found you guys through Asianjunkie and Antikpopfangirl. Which are 2 of my favourite blogs. I’m really glad to find blogs like this, I was on tumblr for 3 years. Most of the kpop fans talk utter shit, and follow allkpop. I think it’s important to have these types of blogs, just to understand criticism. Keep the podcasts coming!!! It’s really interesting to hear a discussion on things. I know you’ve wrote articles about it already, but a podcast on the idol wasteland would be really cool. In your JYPE podcast, you talked about Jay Park. Maybe a podcast about “Idols” not being under major companies or maybe a bit about trainees. It’s just really nice to hear a conversation about these topics.