Luhan, Kris, and SM come to an agreement


Here comes the sun.

Finally a settlement has been reached in the battle between SM and their two former EXO members, Luhan and Kris. But don’t pop the champagne yet Luhan and Kris’ fans. Although they won’t be forced to return to the group or the company’s dungeon, screaming and kicking, their original contracts with SM Entertainment are¬†still valid under Korean law. Their respective contracts won’t expire until 2022. However, knowing how China does everything differently, and given that that was only one of the many lawsuits the pair has filed against the juggernaut music company, this is only the beginning.

kris luhan

In terms of who won, this is clearly a victory for the SM camp. SM Entertainment will still retain their management rights in Korea and Japan. Fans in Korea and Japan will have to wait until 2022 to see Luhan’s “good good.” Sad day. However, the biggest blow for the two Chinese stars, is the fact that SM is entitled to a share of all of Kris and Luhan’s past and future income. So basically now, SM needs only to sit back, let the two respective managements do all the leg work and heavy lifting, and collect their money at the end of the day.

Kris and Luhan can run, but they can’t hide. One way or another SM will get their training investment’s worth…and more. So get back inside Exo-L, that wasn’t the sun, but a lighting bolt.

(sources: Sports Chosun, Reddit)