Quiz: What’s Your K-Pop Party Theme Song?

20130103_theoneshots_quiz_partythemesong_troublemakerHere at the One Shots we refuse to let you forget that it’s the New Year. And that means it’s time to make resolutions you won’t keep and partying. And of course, you’ll need a great playlist to do the latter.  Whatever reason you have to celebrate this year, grab a pen and paper, and take this quiz to find out your K-Pop party playlist. Be sure to check back each month for more fun K-Pop related quizzes.




1. Who is your fashion icon?

a. G-Dragon, because he knows how to turn heads and set the trends.

b. Lunafly, because they can easily blend in with a crowd with their sweaters and scarves.

c. Minzy, because she’s always dressed to dance.

d. Kris, because he treats the airport like his runway and he knows it.

e. HyunA, because she always looks ready for a night out.

f. Seohyun, because she keeps it simple and elegant.

2. What kind of drink are you holding at a party?

a. Orange juice. Alcohol is a big no for you.

b. Sex on the Beach. You like your fruity cocktails.

c. Beer.

d. Red Bull + Vodka. How else will you keep up the energy to dance all night?

e. Shots Shots Shots.

f. Anything you can get your hands on.

3. Who would you call up to go to the club with you?

a. Your best friend/wingman to check out the hotties with.

b. Some of your drinking buddies who can keep up with your pace.

c. No one. You like to party alone.

d. It doesn’t matter who you call. You’ll have fun no matter what.

e. Your dance crew.

f. Everyone in your contacts list.

4. It’s your birthday! Where are you hosting your party?

a. You’re not big on celebrations, so unless it’s a surprise party, you’ll pass.

b. The new night club with the hottest DJs in town.

c. Your own apartment of course. What better way to let everyone know it’s YOUR birthday?

d. You’d rather not have to deal with the drunkards, so you book a nice fancy restaurant for a quiet dinner with your closest friends.

e. Anywhere that has an open bar.

f. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

a. Superhuman strength. Just in case you’ll need to carry some friends home at the end of the night.

b. Cloning. That way, your presence will be felt everywhere at the party.

c. Mindreading. You need to know what that hottie thinks of you.

d. Invisibility. Now you really can disappear from the party scene.

e. Superhuman speed. Time to get drunk as fast as possible.

f. Elasticity. You’ll be able to nail those impossible dance moves.

6. What’s your favorite holiday aka favorite excuse to throw a party?

a. New Years Eve. Counting down to the New Year always involves the best dance floors.

b. Your birthday. It’s a day in celebration of YOU.

c. Valentine’s Day. The lonely singles will be easy prey.

d. St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a drinking holiday founded by some of the heaviest drinkers, the Irish.

e. Halloween. You can put on a mask and hide.

f. Thanksgiving. Your friends will be giving you thanks for all the times you took care of them.

7. What is your signature dance move?

a. INFINITE’s Scorpion Dance. Whip that one out in a dance circle, and you’ll be the talk of the party.

b. An overexaggerated Gangnam Style.

c. Body waves.

d. The Choom-TOP.

e. No dancing. It’s all about getting your drinks up.

f. B.A.P’s Warrior. You may just have to throw that elbow to pull your drunk friend off of the dance floor.

8. What do you look forward to the most at a party?

a. The people.

b. The music.

c. The drinks.

d. The hotties.

e. The entire party scene.

f. The end of the party.

1. a-5, b-0, c-2, d-4, e-3, f-1
2. a-1, b-4, c-0, d-2, e-5, f-3
3. a-4, b-3, c-0, d-1, e-2, f-5
4. a-0, b-2, c-5, d-1, e-3, f-4
5. a-1, b-5, c-4, d-0, e-3, f-2
6. a-2, b-5, c-4, d-3, e-0, f-1
7. a-2, b-5, c-4, d-0, e-3, f-1
8. a-1, b-2, c-3, d-4, e-5, f-0


You’re the life of the party – You enter the party fashionably late and stay until the sun comes up. Every song is your “jam” and even though you probably can’t dance very well, you get on the floor and do it anyway. A bump here, a grind there, or some fist pumping everywhere never hurt anybody. Not on your watch anyway. Partygoers flock to you because, Like TOP and G-Dragon, you exude confidence and a fun spirit. You make them want to have fun too. Sure you may go overboard with your enthusiasm to others’ annoyance, but what’s a good party without someone to take it to another level?

Party playlist: GD&TOP – High High, Dynamic Duo – Friday Night, 2NE1 – I am the Best, B2ST – Beautiful Night


You’re the playboy – You’re going to the party specifically to get laid. That means getting that hottie over there as drunk as possible so you can get a little bit of action later on. And if that isn’t your style, you just use your smooth talking to get in those jeans. You’re sexy and you know it – and so does everyone else at the party. But sometimes, people mistake your suave for sleaze. Lay off the sleaze please, and you might find someone to go home with after the festivities.

Party playlist: Taeyang – I Need a Girl, Seungri – Strong Baby, Super Junior – Sexy, Free & Single, Rain – Rainism


You’re the drunken one – You can’t party without having a couple drinks in hand. When you go out to clubs, your friends can usually find you at the bar chatting up hotties and buying rounds for everyone. At the night’s start, you’re partying it up hard on the dance floor, drink in your cup – and by the end of it, you’re in front of the toilet puking the night out. You’re fun to be around, but dammit, slow down with the drinks! You can “put your hands up” without having to “get your drinks up” at the same time.

Party playlist: Jay Park – Wasted, Simon D – Cheerz, 2PM – Hands Up, Dumbfoundead – Drinking Alone


You’re the dancer – You go to clubs and parties to get down and dirty. None of this wallflower business. If there’s a dance circle, you’re in the middle of it. A conga line? You’re leading it. A hottie dancing nearby? You’re grinding on them. The DJ is your best friend and when you ask for him to play “I Am the Best” so you can get wild, he does it. Every song is your “jam” and you’re not afraid to look silly if it means you’re having fun. But too much dancing can get on people’s nerves. We get it, you can dance! Leave a piece of the dancing pie for others. And when that gets boring, get up and dance again.

Party playlist:  T-ara – Lovey Dovey, Wonder Girls – The DJ Is Mine, Psy – Gangnam Style, Big Bang – Fantastic baby, Block B – Nanrina


You’re the designated driver – You’re the responsible one your friends can count on. When your pals are dancing way too hard to “High High” on the dance floor, you pull them away to catch their breath. When they’re puking in the bathroom because they’ve been drinking all night, you make sure their hair doesn’t fall into the toilet. And when your playboy friend is looking to get laid, you act as the wingman/woman. You’re a good friend, someone everyone needs. But sometimes you’re too worried about being a good friend. A good chingu is one that can have a good time for themselves too.

Party playlist: SHINee – A-yo, Taeyang – I’ll Be There, Super Junior – Good Friends, SPICA – I’ll Be There


You’re the wallflower – Your friends have to drag you to parties. And when they finally get you there, you sit in the corner nursing a beer and wondering if you should get on the dance floor. When your song comes on, you bob your head to the music and wait for someone to come talk to you. But you don’t dare hit the dance floor lest everyone see that you have two left feet. But standing alone in the corner by yourself, you’re mellow, mysterious – and that’s what makes people think you’re sexy. If you’re going to be “Alone,” at least win sexy points, right?

Party playlist:  SISTAR – Alone, B2ST – Fiction, 2NE1 – Lonely, miss A – Touch, CN Blue – I’m a Loner

So what kind of party playlist did you get?

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  • The drunken one. Heyyy, that’s only sometimes when I really need it! LOL! And just so you know, I’ve been every playlist. Very enjoyable. I recommend them all.

  • TheJadeBullet

    How is this site not more popular?
    I got the “Dancer” playlist but tbh, I’m actually a boring-as-hell wallflower who just likes to sit in a corner and people-watch.

  • JammySmoochie

    Awkward. I got the drunken one and I don’t even drink. LOL

    Fun quiz by the way.

  • designated driver, yeah pretty much haha

  • LOL I got the drunken one too and I’m totally a dancer hahaha

  • Yessenia Gomez

    Life of the party…awweww snaaaaap

  • SamiSwanSion

    OMG I GOT PLAYBOY!?!?! How even!!? How does logic!?!? Faulty quiz is faulty!

    • Just accept it, you’re seungri 😛

  • drunken one?I don’t drink T_T and I’m so the life of the party…but the parties I go to involve sober kpop lovers…

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  • I got the dancer…funny…I don’t usually dance in public but I do like to dance 🙂

  • Putri Lisnawati Suhardi

    oh yeah i got the drunken one, i think i can accept it

  • Choi Yi Seul

    I’m the drunken one……….understandable XD I aint even mad tho! Nickhyun should take shots with me tho XD

  • Mellower

    Wallflower, I am totally saying this. That is so true! I don’t have two left feet though. But I am usually like that I guess…