J’s On His Feet: Jay Park’s Nike Crush

JayNikes2Editor’s note: This feature is part of a week-long series The One Shots is doing on Jay Park. Each day we’ll bring you a new feature focused on the raunchy rapper, all leading up to our never-before-seen video interview with him at the end of the week.

Jay Park and Nikes are having a love affair. And one tumblogger over at NikeJayPark is documenting the romance. For any of us who are keen enough to notice, Jay is always rocking Nike kicks and matches them with his clothing with flair. It’s not everyday you meet a K-Pop idol that has so much control over his style – and looks so good doing it. So we sat down with NikeJayPark and found out a little more about Jay’s Nike obsession, thoughts about his career, and what he and Jeremy Lin have in common.

theOneShots: Tell us about your blog:

20130122_theoneshots_jaypark_blueshirtNikeJayPark: Well, I became a fan of Jay back in 08’ (when he was still in his old group) and I observed that he would without fail wear something Nike. Be it blazers, kicks, backpack, sweats…it would always be from Nike. And I LOVE Nike. And I love seeing Jay Park wearing Nike. He reps them well. (*hint for Nike to get Jay to be their model or ambassador*). Hence came the idea that “Hey, maybe I could track all the Nike items he has worn over the years.” I keep seeing people asking, “What kicks are Jay wearing?” And thus spawned NikeJayPark in Feb 2011.

theOneShots: I’ve never noticed that he wears Nikes all the time. Is there a pair he wears frequently or is he one of those guys who only wears a pair of shoes once and is never seen with them again?

NikeJayPark: He actually does re-wear his kicks, though it usually depends on the outfits that he wears. Jay Park loves to color coordinate his entire outfit. I’m still amazed though that he never fails to find a matching pair of kicks to match either his tee, cap or jacket. Have you seen his staircase of Nikes though?

theOneShots: I just saw it on your blog. I know people who collect Jordans but never really Nikes. I wonder if Jay is actively trying to get a Nike deal. I mean, he deserves it right?

NikeJayPark: Haha, I don’t think he’s actively trying to get any Nike deal, but I did create this blog with the side intention of hoping any Nike corporate might stumble upon it and see how big a Nike enthusiast Jay is and eventually get him to be their ambassador. Though it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part.

20130122_theoneshots_jaypark_rednikestheOneShots: You never know! Maybe Jay knows your blog exists. How are you so consistent with finding out the names of the Nike gear he wears and how often do your followers ask where they can get certain merchandise? Do they ever submit content to you?

NikeJayPark: Alas, I doubt he knows, but that’s a’ight. Doing this for fun anyway.

How do I find the names of the stuff he wears? My favorite G friend. Google. 😉 My search finding tips? Secret. XD My followers do ask me every now and then about some gears they need deciphering, though only once in a blue moon will someone share content with me. Usually, if I spot any photo of Jay with a Nike on him, I’ll save the pic, search for the item and just publish it out.

theOneShots: I imagine you do some sort of ninja code cracking to find the names of all Jay’s Nike gear. Your other bias is Jeremy Lin who also rocks Nike kicks every now and again. You feature him on your blog as well. Is there some kind of common thread that, for you, gives both Jay and Jeremy that cool factor? (besides the shoes of course).

20130122_theoneshots_jlin_nikeNikeJayPark: Haha I’m surprised you actually noticed about Jeremy Lin! The thing about Lin, he’s actually sponsored/endorsed by Nike, so he also frequently wears mostly Nike stuff that they provide him.

What I dig about both Jeremy Lin and Jay Park, is that they’re both Asians born and bred in America trying to pave their own way in their respective careers. Besides sharing a love for Nike, both of them had to undergo and overcome struggles in the early stages of their careers. Lin with him constantly facing discrimination and skeptics in pursuit of professional basketball, and Jay with his 2009 Myspace saga and his termination from his previous company and difficulty pursuing a career in Korea. They’re both great stories of persistence and determination, and embody the Nike motto of “Just Do It” despite all the obstacles they had to face. So yeah, both cool dudes, with similar hair cuts, names starting with J, both love basketball, just that one is super tall and can’t dance and the other is short but sick dancer. Haha.

20130122_theoneshots_jaypark_backpacktheOneShots: I absolutely love the way you broke that down! One of the questions we asked Jay in our interview is “How do you get away with cursing in your songs and wearing so many tattoos as a K-Pop artist?” He answered that he doesn’t get love from Korean radio or music shows anyway so he might as well do what makes him happy. If Jay could trade his tattoos and raunchy music for more radio plays and more appearances on music shows (like the MAMA awards he wasn’t invited to) do you think he would? Would you want him to?

NikeJayPark: Yeah, I’ve followed Jay’s path since end 2008 and casually till now, and the dude seriously had to overcome so many hurdles just to do his own thing in Korea. I think, if you asked me that question like in 2009, he would rather have more radio plays and music show appearances, but now, I think he’d rather do his own thing that makes him happy because there’s a lot more freedom (creativity wise and decisions about his own body and appearance). Plus, that’s what makes him unique from other K-Pop idols/ Being able to do whatever he wants, make music his own way, learn and mature as a legit musician and at his own pace. No doubt he’s probably happier having his own schedules and being able to hang out with friends and family. I’ll bet a lot of K-Pop idols, while they are more successful and popular than him, might be envious of his freedom. So I think, Jay is rather fortunate now, even if he’s not as “popular” or “successful” as others. To me, I think he’s very accomplished despite everything.

theOneShots: I absolutely agree with that sentiment. Last question: If you could ask Jay anything, or tell him anything, what would it be?

NikeJayPark: “Bro, could you give me a signed Nike item from your collection? Preferably that Swarovski studded Air Force 1?” Hahaha… Just playing. Just wanna wish him best of success in his future endeavours and always stay humble and grounded. Oh, and if Nike ever signed him as their model, remember to send some free goodies our way please. 😉

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  • If he’s signed on to endorse NIKE, I hope he makes a visit to the HQ here in Oregon! Whooooo 😉 Btw, love JP week! Twitter wisdom was hilarious. He’s a schmooze, in good reference~

  • PandaRi

    I had no idea Jay Park wore so much Nike! Such a fun, different read, especially the blog cover and interview, than the usual things. Coooool stuff.

  • Jay and Nike are synonymous. loved everything about this interview and feature and I agree with NikeJayPark’s sentiments about Jay
    ‘He doesn’t get love from Korean radio or music shows anyway so he might as well do what makes him happy’ Ain’t that the truth
    Oh and I’m loving Jay Park week

  • really loved this interview & its insight! so refreshing & new ^^. I agree w/the feature’s words. funny how things turn to your favor if just kept going w/ positivity! jay park continued his career against all the odds & result is he made his own name,own style & own music! aint no company’s image nor their style. its HIS MUSIC. you don’t see that much freedomin the carefully manufactured kpop scene. even those GIANT kpop company’s got an image & their artist even w/ lil freedom,they have to keep the company’s image.

    I learned from jay park that success is not lights,fame,& money. it’s representing yourself & being happy while keeping it real. Nevertheless I wish him more success.

  • allie03

    Wow great interview. Always wondered who the man (or woman?) behind the NikeJayPark tumblr was. 🙂 Loved what he had to say about Jay Park and Jeremy Lin, too, I totally feel the same way. The Swarovoski Studded Air Force 1… are the ones his fanclub gave him right, back in 2010?

    Anyways, keep up the good work! I’m totally loving this week long series on Jay. Can’t wait to see the interview!

  • goodgame123

    Jay Park week is the best week!

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