Join The One Shots Team!


Do you eat, sleep, and breathe K-Pop? And if you don’t, do you at least like to make fun of those of us who do? If you’re either of those, then you’re perfect.

the ONE SHOTS wants to build a team of witty writers, outlandish opinionators, and savvy social media savants who have strong opinions about artists, music videos, dramas, and social trends in K-entertainment and K-culture. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, although every now and again, we invite you to indulge in deep philosophical discussions about why G-Dragon’s hair color is pink this week.

Listed below are the descriptions of available positions. If you’d like to join the team please email us at

Editor [Designated Driver, making sure we all get home] Editors keep the ONE SHOTS from drinking all night and spiraling into a shitty hangover the next morning. They make sure stories are out on time and site ready, and keep track of what stories we should be writing and when. Our designated drivers work with the Editors-in-Chief to organize contests and giveaways, site content, and staff pitch sessions They keep this drunken ship afloat.

Writer [Wing Men, making sure we get laid] Do you have pressing things to say about the newest MV? Want to explain why this week’s episode of your latest K-drama crack is a must-see? Have a Top 5 list you want to share? Want to fangirl/fanboy and bounce ideas off of other writers? Then become a ONE SHOTS writer! Submit a writing sample to This should be a sample that fits OUR style and that you could see running on the site:


Social Media/Marketing [Promoters, getting everyone into the clubAre you a Twitter fiend? A Facebook junkie? Do you like talking about K-Pop to anyone who’ll listen? Then join our Media and Marketing team. ONE SHOTS promoters are responsible for tweeting out site content and maintaining the Facebook and Tumblr pages. They work with designers to post to Tumblr and collaborate with editors to promote contests and giveaways. This person helps to get the ONE SHOTS name out there.

Designer [Bartenders, creating drinks of art]: Photo or video

Photo–Are you a Photoshop whiz kid? Or even a Photoshop noob who wants to learn how to create some cool K-Pop graphics? We’re looking for people who can post gifs to the ONE SHOTS Tumblr, find new K-Pop photos on the Web, and who can create banners for the site. We encourage people who aren’t afraid to experiment and have fun making cool photos. Check out the banners we’ve made on the site. Make your own and then send it to

Video–Can you pwn iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or Windows Movie Maker? Or maybe you’re familiar with K-Pop MVs? Good, because we’re looking for people who can contribute to our video SHOTS. Every month we post video mashups of K-Pop videos, focused on specific themes like partying, heartbreak, and even general silliness. Even if you’re not handy with movie editing, your input in the best MVs to use for our topics is still needed.

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