Got7 in hot water over their party behavior

As a rule of thumb: what happens at parties stays at parties, but that isn’t always the case thanks to social media. A few of JYP‘s GOT7  boys are in some pretty hot water with fans after some incriminating Snapchats surfaced. The snaps were of some members at a pool party thrown by Mark Tuan’s family and they were a bit too turnt.

As per usual, Mark’s dad, affectionately called Papa Tuan by IGot7‘s, threw a party for the group to cap off their 2 week long tour in the U.S., their last shows happening in Los Angeles. And as to be expected, Mark’s friends showed up to the party, as well as one of the concerts, to show support and to hang out with their friend. Unfortunately things got out of hand and everyone seemed to be have a bit too much fun.

The first issue arose when a video surfaced of Bam Bam dropping the n-word. While posing for a photo, Bam Bam calls Mark over to join in with a “C’mon, my nigga.” The change from ‘nigga’ to, well, you know, (Bruh, NO. NO NO NO.) is heard, though it isn’t clear which one of Mark’s friends makes the change.

The next problem emerged when a Snapchat video made by a friend of Mark showed maknae Yugyeom appearing intoxicated. It doesn’t help matters that a voice in the background mentions someone being passed out.

Just a clarification: Yugyeom appears drunk af, but it’s really all speculation. Because he’s underage (18 in the U.S. while the legal drinking age is 21), he’s getting the brunt of the criticism.

Bam Bam’s sister, Baby, very calmly addressed the matter in her own way via her social media account.


Surprisingly Mark is not under much scrutiny, but rather, his group of friends have become targets among IGot7’s for being a bad influence on the group.

What are you thoughts? Are people getting pissy for no reason or were the members being irresponsible? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • squishpanda

    I think everyone is equally at fault. I know they were partying with people who they thought were trustable and good friends but I feel like they shouldn’t have let their guard down like this. With social media being such a powerful thing in our current generation, you should always be careful. And as a person who takes friendship very seriously, I just can’t understand Mark’s friends at all especially that girl who tweeted “yay for famous friends”. That clesrly shows she’s taking advantage of them. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t do anything what his friends did if I had famous friends, I would just enjoy the party quietly among ourselves and take non controversialnpictures for ourselves :/

  • Akilah

    Here’s how I feel…… Everyone who says shame on Yugyeom for dranking underage and he should have known better did it too. Then the use of the “N” word…. Good news people he used the correct word, you know the one that ends with “ga” and from my ears his friend said the one with the “er”. As far as friends you never know until your back is against the wall. I’m not blaming anyone nor encouraging what happened. Was I there..NOPE, were any of you there that saying he shoulda coulda… NOPE. Stop expecting celebrities to be perfect because at the beginning and end of the day they are humans too, NOT ROBOTS!!!!!

  • Stephanie B

    Honestly, this incessant need to hold celebrities up to a greater standard than the general public is so annoying. People are human and humans make mistakes, but this is something that is suddenly forgotten when said human is apart of a popular korean group. Not only are these guys young, but they’re on vacation in a foreign country with all their friends. If anyone’s surprised by underaged drinking it’s because they buy-in to the unhealthy idolisation of celebrities being “perfect”, and that mentality will only ever do more damage than good. I don’t believe any harm was meant by the use of the n-word either, and as I’ve said before: education is the deterrent of ignorance. This kid doesn’t need to be yelled at; he needs to be taught.

  • Alyssa Lewis

    I think they should’ve thought it through but Yugyeom shouldn’t get a lot of criticsim because he probably didn’t know the law here.