Why the V App’s “Flower Crew” Show is a Disaster



V Live is a revolutionary free app where K-pop stars can live broadcast whatever they want, whenever they want, to their fans. Backstage dressing room shenanigans or the inside of their hotel room at 4AM in the morning are now for everyone!. Since launching last year, V Live has given fans, both home and abroad, positive fan engagement, offering the option to download broadcasts and subtitles. One would think the app is the perfect platform to host a variety show, right? Not quite; actually not even close, because V Live’s first variety show, “Flower Crew” is a complete disaster.

20160705_theoneshots_Jungkook2The premise? Two teams, “Flower Crew” and “Dirt Road,” live compete in a series of challenges “chosen by viewers.” A loaded cast features BTSJungkook, actor Kim Min-seok, screen writer Yoo Byung-jae, comedian Cho Se-ho, and former professional athletes Ahn Jung-hwan and Seo Jang-hoon. Unfortunately, “Flower Crew” became the “Disaster Show” within the first ten minutes of the pilot episode. Let’s explore the depths of disaster happening over on “Flower Crew,” shall we?

Aside from the chaotic malfunctions of multiple cameras and the constant lag, the subtitles are wrong and spewing translations reminiscent to those automated by Bing. As the show is in Korean, it is hard for non-speakers to know what’s going on without good subtitles. Good subtitles take time, but since the show operates by ‘real-time’ voting, the real-time subtitles have to make some sort of sense. Thanks to the drunken subtitles—or lack thereof when the connection times out—international fans tend to be clueless about what they’re voting for, and they once accidentally voted Jungkook as leader of Se-Ho’s team; we’ll get to that drama in a minute. Viewers were unaware the BTS maknae was pleading not to be voted leader because, well, the subtitles weren’t there to tell them.

20160705_theoneshots_JoSeHoAnother disastrous aspect of this show: Se-ho. He’s the middle aged version of the goofball who sat in the back of the class shooting spit balls at the teacher. Put plainly, Se-ho is a Class-A asshole to everyone. It’s one thing to be funny, but another to be jerk. No one is spared from his “jokes” and he has taken an affinity to expressing his disdain for every aspect of the show.

Se-ho doesn’t shut-up. Any time another crew member speaks, he cuts them off, shifting the spotlight back to him. He feels the need to make a “joke” whenever someone says or does something. This brings us to “The Burger Incident.”

160623_THEONESHOTS_IGBURGERIn the second episode, Jungkook was a few minutes late because he bought burgers for the entire cast in case they didn’t eat. An excited Kookie starts to pass out the gift when a ‘joking’ Se-ho says they look like leftovers and refuses to eat. This causes the others to also refuse, leaving a disheartened Jungkook with a bag of burgers. Eventually Min-seok takes one and thanks Jungkook for the kind gesture. Too bad he can’t even enjoy his food without Se-ho spouting something to the effect of “stuff it in, kid.” As an ARMY myself, this was almost unbearable to watch. ARMY retaliated in Jungkook’s defense by taking to Se-ho’s Instagram to show disdain for his actions. You be the judge of the comedian’s antics in this clip.

Ok, let’s rewind again to Jungkook being voted Flower Crew team’s leader. Apparently the crew was pre-ordained as Se-ho’s team, because once Jungkook became leader, Se-ho began his “I’m Not The Leader So I’ll Torture Whoever Is” campaign, hence the burger fiasco. Se-ho and sidekick Jang-hoon could not get over Jungkook’s popularity, and decided to use the massive ARMY fandom as a ploy to harass the poor boy. How adult of them.

As it stands now, “Flower Crew” is a shit show. It needs the work of twenty make-over artists and then some. SBS has released a two minute teaser showcasing Jungkook’s bare-handed fishing and a smiling Se-ho, so at least it’s headed in the right direction. I genuinely hope this show can get it together. Broadcast through a trendy app and instant fan engagement makes for a great show, so let’s hope they figure it out, and soon.

Have you watched “Flower Crew”? What’s your take: disaster or must-watch? Let us know it the comments below!

  • Infires

    I won’t pretend to be impartial because am not. Watching it as a fan made me super uncomfortable and mad. The ‘retaliation’ of spamming their sns however was terrible.

    All this being said i still want to talk about what a shitty himan Se Ho is, i have watched him on multiple shows. He was nice to Jackson(its impossible not to be) or Chanyeol. He was just shitty to Jungkook cause he thought there would be no repercussions to dissing a nugu.

  • Melissa Hanung

    I’m ARMY too (my instagram are ALL about the boys) but I also follow Se-Ho since Roomate and his WGM episodes. He seems to be a sweet and caring person. I believe whatever he did wasn’t intended to hurt anyone, especially Kookie. Also this is Korean humor that we might not get (have u watched Radio Show with Kim Gura and Kyuhyun? They are savages but the guests are cool with them). I think ARMYs getting mad might have made Jungkook uncomfortable… I believe the fault lies solely on the V-app voting system. Their ultimate mistake was that they UNDERESTIMATED ARMY, let it be our numbers and our degree of loyalty… they didn’t think Jungkook is *that* much popular and having *that much* international fans…