The Complete Guide to all the Weird Stuff BTS Says

Editor’s note: This story is part of a week-long series The One Shots is doing on BTS. Each day, we’ll bring you a new feature focused on, what some would call, the DOPEst group in K-pop. But are you a new fan who doesn’t understand the BTS lingo? Well guess what, we’ve got you covered. Here’s all the weird shit BTS has said.

“International Playboy!” -Jungkook

Back in 2014 when BTS attended KCON LA for the first time, Jungkook introduced himself with an English version of his intro in their song “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2.” And by introducing himself, I mean he had to let us all know that he was an ‘international playboy’ with sex appeal.

But what truly makes his ‘international playboy’ status hilarious is bunny boy has no game when it comes to actually dealing with women. Case in point: the American Hustle Life episode where BTS was shooting a Los Angeles or LA version of their song Boy in Luv. And please note the fanboy squeal.

“Infires?” “So amazing, man!” “Oh my god, man! Skateboarding, man!” -Suga

During a round of questions sent in by fans for KCON LA 2014, Suga didn’t really have any questions sent in for him, but that didn’t stop him from showing off some of his English skills. The problem? He was a little too excited and ended up goofing up his pronunciation. And then he adds a cool handshake and Suga has his ‘American’ style down, right?

Bitch vs. Beach -Jimin and V

Pronunciation goofs never get old. While BTS were in Thailand, 95-liners Jimin and V were talking about being excited to go to the beach. Jimin’s pronunciation was good, V’s ears, not so good. Just watch V’s look of confusion:

“My heart! Oh my god!” -J-Hope

On an episode of BTS’ YouTube show Bangtan Bomb, the group couldn’t help sharing their excitement with the fans about flying to attend KCON LA for the first time. And no good trip to the United States is complete without a show of those English skills. J-Hope was so shocked by Jimin’s poor English that his heart hurt for him.

“Jimin, you got no jams.” -Rap Monster

In the same episode of Bangtan Bomb, resident language pro Rap Monster threw shade at cutie pie Jimin’s English speaking skills.

As hilarious as that is, Rap Monster, don’t throw shade at Chim Chim when you’ve have your own English struggles. *glances at his ‘vacoom’ incident on ASC*


“Mmmm! Om nom nom. Ah!” -Jin

BTS’ resident mom Jin is not only known for his amazing looks and bomb lips, but also his eating habits. He loves to eat so much that Big Hit gave him his own show, Eat Jin. And as much as Jin would love to tell all of us how much he loves food, he would rather show us. And by showing us, what I really mean is that he makes yummy, satisfied noises in lieu of talking.

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  • fangirlimnida

    The ever so iconic “Ah brassiere brassiere!” by J-Hope should be in this list. :'( Dude confused freesia flowers for bras- i’m laughing. V’s “Let’s go party!” also deserve to be in this list, as well as Jin’s “You don’t know ‘annyeonghaseyo’?” and Suga’s 3 dollar chain + “Are you… furiner?”