Big Bang’s Comeback Drinking Game

Big Bang groupshot_v2

OOn May 1st, Big Bang will come back after 3 years with their a new MV. In order to celebrate the right way, I created for you a handy dandy drinking game. You can use this every time they drop a new MV!

20150428_theoneshots_big bang drinking game_daesung

DISCLAIMER: If you are under the legal drinking age get yourself some Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper and take several seats. You got plenty of time to drown your adult sorrows in Jesus juice. Just wait it out.

Here we go!


GD’s hair color changes – Drink

Taeyang is shirtless – Two shots

Spot a new GD tattoo – Drink

Daesung sings more than Taeyang – Chug

Taeyang does an adlib – Drink


Seungri sings in falsetto – Drink

Seungri gets frisky with a dancer/actress – Drink

GD/Taeyang do the dougie – Drink

Someone appropriates black culture – Drink


There is a white girl – Drink

There is a black girl – Two shots

Bed scene – Three shots


There is an animal – Drink

T.O.P. has a weird prop – Drink

T.O.P. is shirtless – Three shots

T.O.P. raps by barely opening his moouth – Drink


Daesung’s shirtless – Two shots

Someone dies – Drown your sorrows


Here is a handy dandy visual to make it easier to play! 


Join the challenge on Twitter with the #TOS_BigBangBuzz and tag your friends to challenge them!



*Drink responsibly please :)*

  • Bethany Simos


    • OMG that should have been the line. LOL

  • Laica

    I love how shirtless TOP gets three shots.

    • It’s rare so you’ll need it, if it happens.

      • Laica

        Definitely! And I don’t even drink lol. *prepares a case of Dr. Pepper for Friday*

  • Sarah Lacy

    I just watched both MVs and I am crying at how accurate this really is LMAO

  • Caribes

    If I did this I’d have alcohol poisoning by now. it wasn’t just one mv it was two!

    • Try it with Redbull. Still fun!

      • I can’t drink and that would literally kill me. I could pop pills but that would kill me too. I CAN’T DRINKING GAME ANYMORE *SOBS*