the ONE SHOTS was formed after a busy night of shooting videos and taking soju shots. Sometimes, a little alcohol is just what it takes to finish editing videos under pressure.

We’re a team that eats, breathes, and sleeps K-pop. Name your bias. We’ve probably seen them up close and through a camera lens. And if we haven’t, then we promise we’ve got plans to. With the help of Twitter, Facebook, and fan accounts, we track down your favorite idols and take shots of them. Sometimes we even take shots with them. There’s no shame in our game. We call it being very passionate about K-pop.

Check out our Word Vomit section where we discuss different topics in K-pop including scandals, the newest music videos, and socio-cultural trends. Not gonna lie, you might also stumble upon some of our K-pop arguments and epic fangirl sessions. Or peep our Shots section filled with a collection of videos, quotes, and pics you won’t find anywhere else.

We don’t mind scrounging up our last measly dollars to jump on a plane to New York or Singapore to catch our favorite idols killing it onstage. And every once in a while, we find our way backstage up close and personal with some of the biggest names in K-pop!

So please join us as we chase down Hallyu. We want to bring YOU the kind of K-pop that you’ve never experienced before. It wouldn’t be fun without others along for the ride. YOU guys are what keeps this train moving. And who knows what could happen? We’re firm believers that it only takes ONE SHOT to get you closer to your favorite K-pop idols.

Shoot us a message at info@theoneshots.com if you’d like to be part of the ONE SHOTS team! Or if you just want to chat, hit us up!