[BREAKING] 4Minute disbandment rumors rampant, HyunA to stay with Cube

It’s that time in K-pop again, when we all sit on the edges of our seats watching, waiting, and praying that our faves renew their contracts and bring us another year of bops. Or, if you’re like some of us, you wait in hopes that your bias will finally escape the clutches of their nefarious companies.

Whatever the case may be, many of us are sad to see the ladies of 4Minute throw in the K-pop slogan towel. After recent bops such as “Crazy,” and their newest comeback “Hate,” we really hoped they’d come back, or at least go down swinging. Too bad that doesn’t seem to be the case. Earlier today, it was rumored the group will disband at the conclusion of the members’ contracts, though as of now, nothing is official.

And to think, Cube Entertainment had the balls to give us some glimmer of hope:

All the members have a different future in mind, such as singers or actors. After months of consideration, they decided that it would be hard to maintain the team. HyunA renewed her contract, and some of them are talking about renewing as well, but some will leave the label.”

20160612_theoneshots_HyunAOh but wait! There is a light at the end of this jamless tunnel; HyunA, having perhaps thought this far ahead, established herself as a strong solo artist and opted to stay under Cube’s questionable management.  She’s staying put, for whatever reason, we can’t be sure. We do question though, whether she too will jump ship soon enough, because let’s face it, who willingly stays with Cube?

But come on, is anyone really surprised with her decision? Over the years 4Minute slowly morphed into the HyunA show. She’s got a good thing going.

For now, it looks like it’s time to welcome the new Korean Beyonce, and subsequently, forget about Korean Destiny’s Child.

Let us know down below, will the end of 4Minute’s seven year run leave you aching, or are you going to shrug and move on? What’s next for HyunA? What’s next for her backup sing…errr, we mean, the rest of the group?


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