35 signs that you’ve been drafted Into the world’s biggest ARMY


It’s undeniable that the Bangtan Boys have captured the hearts of K-pop fans the world over. Wanna know how to tell if you’ve been recruited into the world’s biggest ARMY? Let us count the ways.

1. Whenever someone approaches you with a “Hey,” you can’t help but sing the rest of it in your head. “Burn it up!”


2. You live for the maknae line and their puppiness.


3. You are known to curse Min Yoongi for destroying your bias list (and your life).


4. You think the fact that Jungkook can’t physically bring himself to talk to girls is effing ADORBS.


5. When J-Hope cries, you cry. There’s no other way.


6. Your eyes are drawn to every “BTS” labeled video on YouTube even when they’re clearly not Bangtan related.



7. The noises the windshield wiper makes remind you of Jin’s laugh.

8. You were irrationally proud when Justin Timberlake used the BTS hashtag on Twitter and had the BTS bulletproof vest logo in his tweet.


9. When Suga told B-Free to go back to Hawaii in Cypher Pt. 2, you were there for it because duuuuude yas.


10. You are annoyed beyond belief when people compare “Dope” to Flo Rida’s “GDFR”.


11. When BTS “battled” Block B on the MAMA 2014 stage, you, personally, thought there was a clear and definite winner.


12. Every day you ignore the deep shame of Rap Monster’s unique talent of “talking black.”


13. Or that time he made an unsavory comment on his members’ skin color.


14. You monitor every BTS reaction video online because watching as the whole world is turned into Bangtan trash is your favorite past time.


15. When you thirst for Kookie and then realize how young he is.


16. Really, he shouldn’t be allowed to be like this…


17. You’ve come to the conclusion that, based on his dancing, Rap Monster really has no jams.


18. You started to worship the booty because of Jimin and his red pants.


19. You can clearly hear V’s confused voice in your head whenever someone mentions the beach. “B*itch?”


20. Your real BTS OTP is Jin-Food.


21. You were just as proud as all the hyungs when Jungkook had his orientation day. *sniff*


22. You’ve shown BTS dance practice videos to all your family, friends, and relatives within the fourth degree of consanguinity because, “LOOK AT THAT FOOTWORK!!”


23. You are convinced that Jimin’s high notes are a spiritual experience in and of themselves.


24. You browse through AO3 for BTS fanfiction.


25. The first time you realized that Jimin and Jungkook had you fooled with that hat trick, you were all…



26. Keone Madrid is your new favorite choreographer.

27. You can absolutely tell who it is despite that face mask and cap. It’s so obvious. Duh.


28. You don’t even roll your eyes anymore when Jin calls himself handsome.


29. You stopped questioning Rap Monster’s fashion choices altogether. There’s no point. If the man wants to be a minion, let him be a minion. If he wants to be a squid, so be it.


30. J-Hope is the sunshine of your life.


31. When is that Suga mixtape dropping? You’ve been waiting since forever.


32. Also, V’s drama. You need it in your life NOW.


33. You’ve watched that video of the dance line doing girl group dances on Weekly Idol a bazillion times.


34. You swear your tombstone will read: Death By Body Rolls


35. You’ve spent hours on end watching Bangtan Bombs and you always end your days drowning in feels.


So, how much of a BTS stan are you?

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  • Theo

    Why is all of this so on point? Lol 😂😂

  • Megumi Kim

    Jimin bias forevs ❤

  • Jovs Beñales

    OMYGAAAAT. WAIT. Every line has no chill! 😀 Especially these -> 3, 5, 6 (I am still into this whenever there is oh-so-‘BTS’ word. Hahaha) 11, 17. 19, 22, 27, 29 (Well that’s my Namjoonie~ <3) 34… THE DEATH OF ME! HAHAHAHA

    You got the jams, Tia eonni! 😉

    • Tia

      Ha! I feel your feels.

  • phoenix

    Min Yoongi the life ruiner 😂😂