Quiz: Who is Your K-Pop Valentine? (The Boyfriend Edition)

20130214_theoneshots_valentinesquiz_kimbumHappy Valentine’s Day everyone, from the team here at the One Shots. Last month, we rang in the New Year with a quiz to find your K-Pop party theme song. This month, we commemorate the holiday of love with a quiz to match you with your proper K-Pop Valentine. It may not be who you would expect or who you would normally go for or who you would call your ideal type, but we believe that you two would make the perfect couple. Unfortunately, our matchmaking services are limited to a quiz result, but trust us, if we could, we’d be setting you up on the ideal Valentine’s Day date, complete with our ideal playlist to take you through the night. So, whether you’ve already gotten yourself a hot date for the night or you’re looking at a quiet night in, grab your pen and paper, and take this quiz to find out which eligible bachelor you should be spending your Valentine’s Day with this year. And for those of you looking for a female this year, be sure to check out our girlfriend edition here.

1. On a Saturday afternoon, you are most likely to be found:

a. At home, curled up on the couch with a book and a cup of tea.

b. Volunteering at the local animal shelter.

c. Chilling with friends at a tailgate party.

d. A little hungover, but getting it together for evening activities.

e. Who knows? There’s nothing typical about your Saturdays.

2. Where would you go for your Valentine’s Day dinner date?

a. The local sports bar so you can catch the game together.

b. The classic fancy restaurant, complete with candles, roses and maybe some wine.

c. Your house for a home-cooked meal.

d. How about some live octopus? Surely, you’ve never tried that before.

e. Who needs dinner when you’ll be drinking your calories later that night?

3. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, what are you most excited about?

a. Trying out those rum-filled chocolates for the first time. They’ll be the perfect complements to those Valentine’s Day cocktails you’ll be checking out too.

b. Getting creative and making gifts for that special guy in your life.

c. Rereading your favorite classic love stories and rewatching your favorite romantic comedies.

d. All the lonely, single guys still looking for their Valentine.

e. Possibly being seen as a girl for once by your guy friends.

4. You are hanging out with your friends and see a cute guy at the bar. What do you do?

a. Find out what drink he’s having and buy yourself and him the next one.

b. Smile sweetly and wait for him to come to you in 3, 2, 1. Works like a charm every time.

c. Buy a round of shots for you and your girls and invite him over to join you.

d. Nothing. You just want to go home.

e. Ask him if he knows the score of whatever game you are both missing.

5. You usually go for a guy who:

a. You approach at the club one night and then dump the next.

b. Is in your book club and prefers to snuggle on cozy nights in.

c. Has been your best friend for years and has yet to make a move.

d. Was the valedictorian and captain of your high school football team. He’s Mr. Perfect, the one that all the girls are after.

e. Is clearly bad news bears, but you go for it anyways. You’re still getting your bearings in the dating world, but at least you’re having fun, right?

6. If your boyfriend dedicated you a song on Valentine’s Day, what would it be?

a. BEAST – “Bad Girl.” The title says it all. Expect a tearful post-Valentine’s Day phone call from your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, you heartbreaker.

b. GD&TOP – “Don’t Go Home.” You’ve been dating around, so your boyfriend knows that if he lets you go home, he might never get you back.

c. INFINITE-H – “Special Girl.” Your boyfriend knows he’s lucky to have snagged you away from that line of guys at your front door.

d. Jay Park – “Bestie.” Your boyfriend not only sees you as his girlfriend but his best friend as well.

e. SHINee – “Juliette.” A song inspired by your favorite love story of all time? It’s the perfect way to your heart. Plus, it’s sung by some of the most innocent boys in K-Pop.

7. What kind of gift are you hoping to receive this Valentine’s Day?

a. Surprise me!

b. Two tickets to the next big sports game.

c. Some ice cream and chocolates will do the trick.

d. Anything is fine with you, as long as a lot of thought was put into it.

e. Buy me some drinks at the bar, and you might just get lucky tonight.

8. What’s your outfit looking like this Valentine’s Day?

a. Keeping things classic with a cardigan, cute dress and flats, perfect for that proper dinner date.

b. Your trusty little black dress and pumps that always guarantee you attention.

c. Your leopard print dress, hot pink heels, and don’t even get started on the hair and makeup. Why not have some fun with your wardrobe this Valentine’s Day?

d. A simple t-shirt and jeans. Maybe you’ll pull out that sports jersey too.

e. You’ll be chilling at home in your sweats.

1. a-0, b-2, c-1, d-4, e-3
2. a-1, b-2, c-0, d-3, e-4
3. a-3, b-2, c-0, d-4, e-1
4. a-3, b-2, c-4, d-0, e-1
5. a-4, b-0, c-1, d-2, e-3
6. a-4, b-3, c-2, d-1, e-0
7. a-3, b-1, c-0, d-2, e-4
8. a-2, b-4, c-3, d-1, e-0

If you scored between:


You’re the extreme prude! You prefer nights indoors watching chick flicks with a tub of ice cream and a bag of popcorn rather than going out to that one dance club all your friends are going to. You balk at the mention of anything even slightly sexual or dirty. What you need is someone to break you out of your shell. And who else would do that job better than Jay Park? He won’t be afraid to show you a wilder side of life and of course, his abs. Lord knows he loves to flash those abs. Although you try not to use profanity, Jay will teach you to curse like a sailor. And although you try to keep your distance when dancing with a boy, he’ll pull you to dance “Body 2 Body” with him.



You’re just one of the guys! Guys love you, but not for the reason you think. You try not to, but you always end up in the friend zone. You can’t help it! You love to talk sports, play video games, and listen to your guy friends’ girl problems. Which is why Doojoon is perfect for you! He’s big on sports and appreciates girls who are too. He’s a huge jokester, so he can handle your unladylike jokes. And when he says all the wrong things (like possibly implying that you’ve gained weight), he knows you’ll forgive him. Either that or you’ll rattle him on the head and laugh about it together a minute later.



You’re the girl next door! All your life you’ve been Little Miss Perfect. You’re popular amongst your friends, you get good grades, and guys are always knocking on your door. But you prefer stable, long-term relationships. Boring! Zico is the one for you! He’s the bad boy down the street that can rock that perfect world of yours. Oh, so you only drink one beer at parties? He’ll encourage you to drink five and get totally shit faced. You need to stay home and study for that big test tomorrow? Forget it, he’ll take you on a ride in his muscle car. Your parents making you take piano lessons? He’ll make you ditch piano and give you lessons in how to rap. With Zico, it’s never dull, and you’ll be happy that your world went from perfect to delightfully flawed.



You’re the experimental one! You used to be the girl next door, but now you’re tired of that. You want to experiment with other things! You used to always show up early for class or work. But sometimes playing hooky is a lot more fun. You’re the kind of girl that used to go to bed at 10pm. Now you stay up past midnight talking on the phone. But it’s no fun if you have no one to experiment with. That’s why you need G-Dragon, who’s always down to experiment with new things out of his comfort zone. Together, you guys can try new styles, maybe sneak a smoke or two during lunch, and listen to weird music you’ve never listened to before. Together, you guys are unstoppable.


20130214_theoneshots_valentinesquiz_nichkhun copy

You’re the serial dater! You’re the party girl who, for lack of a better phrase, can’t hold onto a relationship. But that’s okay! You’re just interested in having a good time. Who needs a stable boyfriend when the world is chock-full of boys just waiting to party with you? The perfect guy for you? Nichkhun. Our 2PM cutie used to be a huge party boy back in his heyday, so he understands you. But he also understands that everything must be taken in small doses. He will ground you and bring you back down to earth. Going out to party is fun, sure. But so is a nice, romantic night in with a guy who just screams Mr. Right.

So who should you be spending your Valentine’s Day with this year? Share your results with us in the comments section below, and stay tuned for more monthly K-Pop quizzes.

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    • http://twitter.com/juliawalton3 julia walton

      doojoon lol fun quiz (:

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    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1535896257 Kevi Montgomery

      I always get an answer unfitting to my personality with these quizes! >< oi

      • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

        who did you get??

    • http://twitter.com/amirakhmawati Arakhmawati

      lol, it’s quite similar to my personality. XD

      that’s a sad thing to get “friend-zoned” almost all the time. but I just cant help it. I hope I do met doojoon. puahaha~ =D

    • BigBang_Lover_16

      I got Bad-Boy Zico! Im a major BBC so it’s pretty fitting~! ^^

    • Blahblah

      How do you calculate the scores?

    • April Jackson

      I got GD…tehehe

    • Chris Tea L

      I got G-G-G-G baby baby, GD-GD baby baby

    • http://kendisinsan.blogspot.com/ kendisi

      I got Doojoon but I might as well have some Zico since I’m on the border (11) 😀
      Besides I’m really not into sports or video games. “Girl next door” image fits me better I think.

    • Julie Chang

      Doojoon! <3

    • LOLandCIE

      Z-I-C-O yeaaaahh !

    • Jaz

      i got G-Dragon❤

    • Jiyeon

      Lol^^ Got Doojoon, but should’ve probably gotten Jay Park xD I hate sports ^^’

    • kya

      Im not a sports person but I can sure get hyped over it lol. The only reason why I chose that option is because it was the only choice that I liked and something I would do for my boyfriend. I hate top notch restaurants where you have to try hard. I’ll gladly go to a sports bar with him if the big game is on. #Doojoon

    • Emiko Love

      I got Jay Park…I never expected that.

    • Red Raven

      OMG! I GOT GD !! MY BELOVED BIAS!! ^-^

    • https://www.facebook.com/mdasahagun Ma Donna Angeline Sahagun

      I got ZICO!! ^____^

    • hyunsunkim

      mine is dojoon

    • hyunsunkim

      i love sports