Why SNSD’s “I Got A Boy” Should Have Been f(x)’s

20130107_theoneshots_igotaboy_snsd The release of SNSD‘s “I Got A Boy” has pretty much pulled in the same resounding sentiment from K-Pop fans: the song is terrible. No, putting 6 songs in one doesn’t make it “epic.” No, reading the lyrics doesn’t reveal some deep, hidden message. And no, we shouldn’t have to listen to the song a dozen times for it to sound better.

Despite that, I did listen to it a dozen times, just to make sure that my oft-suppressed grudge against SNSD’s aegyo antics wasn’t blinding me against the song. And I guess the theory that any song will get better after a few listens is true because it started to grow on me. The song is still a disjointed hot mess, but there are moments of light in that dark, dank cave of K-Pop ratchedness.

One reviewer over at the Prophet Blog felt strongly that the song isn’t as bad as the rest of the K-fandom is making it out to be. In fact, in one exchange I had with the author via Twitter, he called the song “brilliant.” I, of course, snicker at the thought that “I Got A Boy” frolics anywhere near “brilliance” but I did rub my chin in thoughtful agreement after reading this from his review:

“If f(x) had released ‘I Got a Boy’, K-poppers everywhere would’ve likely fallen for its wild unpredictability from the first listen, instead of going through the initial shock that came from seeing Girls’ Generation suddenly go from being the girls next door to K-pop’s crunkest hipster hotties.”

While I also got a nice snicker from the phrase “hipster hotties,” he does raise a great point to simmer on. Would we have liked this song better if f(x) had done it?

I called a couple of members on the One Shots team to ask that same question, and this is how one of those conversations went:

Salima: Hey Michelle, why do you think people hate “I Got A Boy”?
Michelle: Because it’s a really bad song.
Salima: Do you think you would like it better if f(x) did it?
Michelle: No. It’s a really bad song.

But I don’t agree. There are a few reasons why SNSD’s song would have gotten a better response had f(x) performed it.

20130107_theoneshots_fx_urban Simply put, “I Got A Boy” is f(x)’s style. Not the abrupt and ungraciously finessed transitions, but the urban-electro feel. From “NU ABO” to “Electric Shock,” this totally would have been up their alley. Does that make “I Got A Boy” a good track? No, but it would be better than most of the music that f(x) gets, it would show growth in their music, and it would damn sure be more exciting than anything else they’ve done. And those facts alone are just more reasons to lament how much the group has been ignored by SM Entertainment – that SNSD’s worst music can be f(x)’s best.

“I Got A Boy” is more f(x)’s style than it is SNSD’s. Which is why SONEs and K-Pop listeners alike balked at the song and MV. Was this SM’s way of trying to keep with the electro-dubstep trend that doesn’t quite fit SNSD’s aesthetic? Or was it their way of yet again trying to make the girls cool and edgier by literally dressing them into a concept that doesn’t make sense for them? Because seriously, it freaks me out watching Yoona smile innocently at the camera while she’s donning the urban bad-girl look. Who could I see pulling off that urban bad-girl look? Amber. And even Krystal. And yes, the rest of f(x). We’re used to SNSD being those good girls next door who bake you a nice batch of cupcakes. There is a huge disconnect from what their known for and what “I Got A Boy” shows of them.

20130107_theoneshots_yoona Does this mean that SNSD should be stuck doing songs like “Gee” and “Oh!” for the rest of their careers? Absolutely not! Props must be given when they are due: these girls danced the hell out of this song, even if the video was a chaotic mess. But I am saying that 1) it’s going to take a little bit more convincing for me to believe their sudden transformation into hip-hop vixens and 2) f(x) could have benefitted from “I Got A Boy” and built their brand with it. It’s a song that SNSD doesn’t need but f(x) does. Despite the hoopla over how bad the song is, it ironically could do a lot to establish f(x) as heavyweight contenders.

What say you, dear readers? Would you have liked “I Got A Boy” better if f(x) or anyone else had performed it?

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(SMTown, The Prophet Blog)

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    • Yessenia Gomez

      Lol even when f(x) comes out with songs I have to.give it like 1737482272 listens before I actually like it lol SM needs to calm their dub step minds and see that not all groups are made for the sound and concept.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1325682475 Annisa Nuriowandari

      I agree. It’s not that IGAB would be “better song” if f(x) performs it. Although IGAB is not generally accepted, I think it’s quite good because at least I like the lyrics. It is interesting and better than other stupid songs about “love story”, and if it’s given to f(x), it’s an upgrade for them. Electric Shock is catchy but still horrible lyric, about being in love is like electric shock, etc.

      By making SNSD performing song with similar fashion style with f(x), it’s like seeing f(x) abandoned. It’s better if SM never debuted them since the beginning.

      • kaity b

        yah snsd is way better

    • http://www.m-rated.tumblr.com/ Michelle Chin

      I agree with you on this. If SNSD has IGAB what will f(x) have???

    • http://twitter.com/ks_rayisa K. Rayisa Swastika

      IGab is such a nice song, electro style, sounding like American hiphop which is more likely suited best on f(x), yeah i think so…i found it scary when I saw the cutie fairies like Yoona, Seohyun, Jess, hmm..also Taeyeon, being an ‘up-thrown girl’ like that -__-”

      love the outfit, but not the makeup.
      love the instrument, but the lyrics translation is aweful.
      i think SM had a great plan to put IGAB on SNSD, but it turns to like Super Junior’s Bonamana condition.
      Sold well but not the attention.

    • Joy

      Better suited for f(x)

    • mais

      it seems the writer is f(x) biased and want snsd igot a boy song to be f(X)s ,,the title of the article really seems nonsence

    • mlo1998

      lol shut up, its a good song and snsd performs it best. you’re too biased to fx. snsd is 100 times better than fx

      • Katrina

        Snsd is not really loving there fans watch on YouTube when jessica injured because of them some pp getting hurt they doesn’t even hey don’t touch like that not like f(x) they really care for there fans , like luna her bodyguard pushed one of her fans and luna catches so she’ll will not fall but snsd just watching there fans getting hurt

        • kaity b

          You are just a hater .that isn’t true some fans are very dangeroussnsd loves us fans from all around the world

        • F(x) Lover

          yeah… you’re right!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Raveendran Rekkani

      Snsd is fine with this style and the songs is good bringing them to new stage of electro pop music

    • Soshi

      Shut up only snsd can pull it off

      • Katrina

        Whatever!! F(x) is more great than snsd

        • divine

          There is a difference between Fact and Opinion

      • kaity b

        Yes snsd is the best it is a fact any girl i know loves snsd

    • Kennedy

      you should shut up. SNSD are the better ones to that. That song is AMAZING. I listened a thousand times and it NEVER gets boring. SNSD#1 goddess of K-Pop

      • Katrina

        What yo shut up f(x) is better than snsd and affxtionist is better than sones @kennedy

    • Steph

      The song is perfect for SNSD because it’s different. I Got a Boy shouldn’t be for f(x) just because both have the same “style”.

    • fitfita

      to be honest I’m agree with you…. :)
      it will be better if f(x) bring the song. it will be much better.

    • fitfita

      hhhhhmmm… actually its not a good song. but I can imagine that it will be match and catchy if f(x) sing this IGAB. the song will get the soul and more attention if its on fx hand.
      I have an opinion about what SM wanted to do for both girl group. they doesn’t mean to ignoring f(x) ane put more attention ti gg, they only taking care gg position. agree or not nowadays ppl put more attntion to mature and energetic group, it could be happen cos ppl get bored with kind of girl next door concept. it becone good opportunity for fx but make gg unstable. so SM try the best to keep gg image as no 1 girl group from SM that also well known in Kpop industries like 2NE1. so SM doesn’t want gg to lose their power like what happen to wg at JYP. they want to keep fx and gg strong, but in order put gg as no 1and fxas their junior, its different with JYP that always give the best for wg and miss a, and let the market pick wwich one that they like and supporting the famous one. he give same opportunity for hes actress. and i think thats not a bad idea if SM also being open minded like JYP does. it will make more money for them and ppl will see the transformation (not flat). sorry if i say something that u guys doesnt agree with, its just my opinion… hope SM read it and concidering my opinion.hehe

    • Fawn ice

      Personally I think your just a fan of f(x) so your saying that.
      Snsd can pull anything off from drama,modeling,dancing and singing and they held the best girl band title since 2006.Didnt your ever hear of the phrase “go for the new experience”?

    • Katrina

      Whatever @fawn ice maybe your jelous coz we fight for our f(x) fighting affxtionist ^^

      • F(x) Lover


    • Katrina

      Yeah agreed with u f(x) deserve more loves coz there a great kpop girls group ever!!

      • F(x) Lover

        yeah you’re right!

    • Rozy

      Truthfully, the song itself was too messy. Too many different puzzle parts that didn’t actually go together. It’s true that SNSD should have a chance to mature and change, instead of their cute lyrics and sweet dresses, but it’s also true that SM never gives AMAZING songs to f(x). And although I would’ve liked to see a f(x) version, with more rapping from Amber:), and although it does fit their image, it wouldn’t have been f(x) themselves. If you’re an aff(x)tionist, you know why f(x) was named like that. They’re a group that go for changes with twists and turns between each of their songs. This song fits TOO much to the style we’re used to seeing them in. And since this style of music is completely different to the style of GG we’re know, it’s new and refreshing to see them finally grow up a bit through this song. It fits them better.

    • Rebekah

      no , i don’t really agree . the dance itself is meant to be very energetic so this relates to having more member dancing to that song will give us an good impression of the song and the mv is so colorful if fx dances that song , the mv will look very dull and doesn’t gives a feeling of a hiphop dance as fx has lesser members . the song is produced after snsd “bring the boys out” and now they got a boy :) so i think the song is very popular now and i hope that snsd will produce more songs like igab

    • SONE

      Actually everyone knows that SNSD is much more better than f(x), so don’t try to change the fact. If you do NOT know anything just STFU. Take MAMA 2013 as reference, SNSD got ‘Best female group’ and f(x) didn’t, so THAT proves SNSD is better than f(x).

    • snsd is always better than f(x

      well, i personally thinks that snsd is much more perfect than f(x). you see, why is f(x) popular? maybe is because of jessica is krystal’s sister thus jessica’s fans will support krystal and slowly they will become f(x) fan.

      • kaity b

        maybe you are right i found fx because of jessica

    • fankonkat

      I kind of agree 2 this article. Because this song IGAB obviously is meant for f(x).! N those people should stop saying that GG is better than f(x) or f(x) is better than GG.! I mean c’mon guys they’re from the same company and if you want to blame, blame to the company cause they’re the 1 that decided things.! Both group r just promoted the way their company 1 them 2 b promoted.! I am both, a sone n an aff(x)tion. I no need to c any fan war accusing these 2 groups.! We all know that SMent is always go for the money.! if f(x) the one that has done this song they never ever gonna made it as huge as GG did since GG is the #1 korean national gurl group n has got bigger fandom than f(x)’s n
      so their song will be promoted much more better!. But as a SONE also an aff(x)tion, I do want to c the improvement in f(x)’s every comeback song just like GG does.!! ://

    • divine

      Thank’s for proving nothing but the fact that your an Anti-Sone and that you kpop girl group bias is F(x)

    • Samantha

      this is clearly proves how people aren’t ready to accept changes. people change. soshis grew up, deal with it. and the first time you hear the song, it’s so FREAKING WEIRD coz snsd just turn from cute kittens to hip hop freaky bad girls. but when you listen to it more, you’ll realize it’s pretty much CATCHY. they just wanna try something new. i mean, duh? maybe the first time you listen to the song it’s so odd, but at least you can realize how AWESOME the dance choreography is.

    • Fawn

      Then rum pum pum should have been snsd.

    • Daylee

      Who cares about what you think, they competed against Beiber,GaGa, and one direction and won the YouTube awards with this song.

    • Snow

      the dance i got a boy itself is already meant for many people instead of 5 members. and instead of calling it a ‘hot mess’, it wasnt, it was an amazing song, of course it wasn’t their best but it was nonetheless amazing. its won many times, just because this isnt your average cupcake sweet gg girls dosent mean you have to hate it. they rocked the vocals in it (fx’s voice might not have suited this song) and they rocked the outfits, really, the reason for the wild set is to showcase many colours of their outfits, with only 5 members in f(x), the f(x) would have to paint themselves in a rainbow just to match the colour fashion snsd was wearing.

    • Hey

      nahh.. songs like this is just getting soned mentally prepared before all the scandals breaks out and sones cnt take it. its like hinting sones…

    • John Fritz

      um.. you jelly of snsd?

    • what ev’s

      Girls Generation can do whatever kind if songs they want I mean does it really matter. Just because they did Gee (it was so cute tho) doesn’t mean they can’t do I Got A Boy, so sheesh

    • kaity b

      No i dont agree with u ..i got a boy song is a perfect song and if fx did it it would not have this much,,if you saying it is abad song then you are just a hater because the video became an instant hit onYouTube, gaining over 10 million views within 55 hours. Overall, it was well received by music critics, with Billboard calling it one of the “most-forward thinking lead pop singles heard in any country”.At the first YouTube Music Awards in 2013, “I Got a Boy” won the award for Video of the Year , and as of July 2014, its music video has achieved more than 100 million views on YouTube.fx is a cool group but not as great as snsd not talking about the experiance but in fact if they were at the same time snsd would still be the best regardless to the number of the members but they are fun to watch cuite and talented ..i find my self when trying to listen to another group irritated nothing is like snsd ..it is more rescpeted that is why it is number one .not being a hater …i don’t know why you gave me the feeling that you are a hater .

    • F(x) Lover

      F(x) is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • F(x) Lover

      Tskk!! why are you comparing f(x) and SNSD?!!

    • F(x) Lover

      I’m getting angry because you’re comparing f(x) and SNSD!!

    • F(x) Lover

      F(x) are better because they can singing, acting , dancing , rapping and more.. maybe you guys are jealous

    • F(x) Lover

      Snsd is not really loving there fans watch on YouTube when jessica
      injured because of them some pp getting hurt they doesn’t even hey don’t
      touch like that not like f(x) they really care for there fans , like
      luna her bodyguard pushed one of her fans and luna catches so she’ll
      will not fall but snsd just watching there fans getting hurt

    • deathmetal02

      I don’t know about the rest but the sentence ‘how much the group has been ignored by SM Entertainment’ ..Agreed with that

    • coco

      you cant judge people if you dont know them well enough

    • lili

      i disagree i think people are the same there is no right or wrong