Idols Who Deserve a Drink: U-KISS

20120108_theoneshots_ukiss02I know what you’re thinking: “Stop Boy, in the name lo~ve!” I know, and I understand all too well, that it almost seems like a rite of passage for anyone entering the K-blogosphere to mention this particular boy group. Maybe you’ve heard their name whispered in a forum, talked about in the dark alleyways of tumblr, or written on some forgotten piece of comment next to the words: “American debut,” or maybe not – but trust me when I say you’re just not a K-Pop blog unless you’ve had a “Not Another Poor U-KISS Post”…post. What about the boys is worth mentioning is that they are a prime example of idols who are stuck between “Nugu” and a “hard place.” And undeservedly so, I might add. They’re back on the scene again with a less than astounding track called “Gangstar Boy,” and about to go up against the tidal wave of titanic comebacks, at the front of which is Girls’ Generation. And they will be washed ashore once more, unloved and unnoticed like jetsam left behind from the Hallyu Wave. This is a damn shame because here is a group brimming with double the merit, tenacity, and panache that other groups wish they had, that WE as a public and as fans wish they had. So please, I implore you, as Kiss-Mes – the fanclub’s name – brace themselves for the lack of attention and respect their biases are about to receive, read this profoundly long article and give a second look at the charming, flamboyant-kinda-by-force boys who have unfairly never received their due.


Back in time we go, the dial set to 2008, which is when they were formed, and where we would also meet such acts as SHINee who also debuted and have faired astronomically better since than. Competing against the three giants – JYP, SM, and YG respectively – was the small entertainment company NH Media, and their boy group named Ubiquitous International (idol) Super Stars. The group was composed of six boys: the multilingual, fairy-like, always professional leader Alexander, the sweet and inspiring vocalist Soohyun (who watched porn with Kibum) the rapper with a face that was striking in a Hyoyeon kind of way named Eli, the visual-ish, singer/dancer/not-maknae aegyo juggernaut Kevin, and the actual maknae and visual/rapper Dongho. These boys would debut with the track “Not Young” and dear, sweet, merciful heavens it would be one of the worst debuts known to man.Have you LOOKED at the eyesore next to this paragraph?


That was just a taste of what their original Fresh Prince of Bel-Air meets Badass Flower Boys concept was like. Today, the members have even admitted that it was absolutely terrible. Soohyun’s quote was the best:

“We’ve been coming out with masculine, sexy images lately, but back then, we were just cute. They always told us to act cute and laugh where necessary so looking at it now, I really can’t bear it. It gives me goosebumps.”

So you can only imagine what the K-ingdom at large thought of this, deeming this and their second album Bring it Back 2 Old School as absolute failures that ultimately tarnished their premature reputations. But somehow after two years of powering through the worst clothes and songs K-Pop had to offer, the group hit its mark. By adding Kiseop, the vain – but in a cute way – dancer, and promoting the track “Man Man Na Hi,” suddenly the boys were being showered with all this attention and praise for what was effectively their “Sorry Sorry” and they should’ve won for it. A host on on Strong Heart years later would echo this sentiment, and everyone on the show agreed that right then and there U-KISS should’ve ended their slump and ascended into the clouds where the real idols lived…but they didn’t. Defying all logic of pop trends, they didn’t. Too many other groups were leaving much more prominent stamps on people’s minds at the time, shooing U-KISS and their hard work to the side.

20130108_theoneshots_ukiss11Their next promotional cycle saw them ditching Korea and pursuing the Ubuquitious and International part of their name much more fervently by touring in Mongolia, Malaysia, Japan, and the Phillipines. You see, U-KISS was not supposed to promote in South Korea. They debuted in Japan first, and constantly were considered a Japan-Korea collaborative project, which in hindsight, with the relations between the two countries in mind, may not have been the best idea, especially since even now testing those waters are still tentative among idols and their companies. But the boys were prepared for it at least. Each member is fluent in at least two languages. Alexander is fluent in seven, and that alone is a quality they’ve never truly been acknowledged for. How many posts have we seen from angry international fans who complain about the mispronunciations or lack of interaction their idols give due to the language barriers that the majority of them face. For instance, SNSD is recognized as the “Number One Girl Group in Asia” but the only member even capable of conversing properly in Japanese is Sooyoung, while Tiffany and Jessica are the only ones who know what the fuck is happening in English. I bring this up, because I’m really not over how Alexander knows SEVEN! Kevin knows three, Dongho and Eli know two… And so it continues. Preparing a group for international marketing that early in the game was lightyears ahead of the competition. It was possibly even another contributing factor to the group’s lack of success – they were ahead of their time as far as marketing was concerned.


So what next for the lady’s slipper of flower boy groups? Why the big U.S. of A of course. But wait…oh dear…oh God….oh no…not U-KISS. I mean…look at ’em… I remember hearing that for the first time when I was just getting in to K-Pop and still could think of plenty of other groups I wanted to see come abroad and  introduce to my friends and strangers at large and U-KISS was not one of them. One rumor floating around is that they recorded a staggering 100 tracks to sort out for their English album and then, tragedy struck: the ever so obligatory member lineup change. In a swiftly done and elegant manner that put the T-ara drama to shame; NH Media dropped their ace-in-the-hole, Alexander, and poor little Kibum, prompting Soohyun to fill his shoes and to watch porn alone. The graciousness that which the two former members handled this situation cannot be overstated. They openly accepted and respected the companies decisions – on Twitter mind you – and regretted that THEY felt like they were holding the group back, and sincerely wished the best for their comrades’ future…come on now. All the Awards to these fine gentlemen. While dropping them like its hot, NH picked up two new members AJ – the group’s own personal Jun. K due to his extreme passion for music making – who would be another rapper alongside Eli and Dongho and Hoon – the fitness freak with a face I didn’t like until I saw it without make up and fell in love – who would provide back up vocals for the already labored Soohyun. It was at this time that U-KISS made one of their strongest albums to date, Bran New Kiss. Guys. Seriously, this shit is legit. And they would brandish the brilliantly done ballad “0330” to no avail, they’re dreams of debuting in America, dust in the wind.

20130108_theoneshots_ukiss06So what does NH, do? Turn up the heat of course. Suddenly new artists, new stylists, new producers, and the boys – without a day of rest in sight – put out what they themselves call their strongest, toughest track – and album consequentially – on their discography: “Neverland.” The choreography challenged them beyond belief, injuring three of the members while practicing it and causing poor Eli to be exempt from the first broadcast because he got a terrible nosebleed due to how intense it was. Their choreographer even admitted that it was the toughest dance he ever gave them and even considered changing it…but didn’t. By all accounts this track, let alone this album, should have made up for all the accolades they missed out on previously but no. They were cockblocked by girl group KARA‘s catchy as hell single “Step Up,” again missing out on any chance of an award. The boys then had to turn their sights to Japan, and in three days learned the choreography for their single “Tick-Tack.” At least overseas U-KISS receives the love they deserve, and in South America and Japan they are truly loved and lauded for their prowess, ethic, and unrelentingly sympathetic personalities.

They would go on to release more tracks, capitalizing on this romance. “DoraDora” would happen, as would “Believe” – written by AJ -, and “Te Amo” for Kiss-Me’s sake, but along the way they would lose AJ, who chose to go on and pursue his studies at Columbia University. This had to be an incredibly huge blow to the boys’ morale because AJ really had it in his heart to write and produce U-KISS’s song and this dream was encouraged 110% by the rest of the group. In theory he says he’ll return after five months – making his comeback sometime soon but honestly, who would come back to the flailing carp on land life that is Nugu idoldom?

20130109_theoneshots_ukiss_kevinIt’s like this: it’s one thing for us to know a group sucks, and it’s another for the group themselves to know it too, and U-KISS is a group that’s very hard on themselves. I’d imagine it’s not easy that they campaign knowing they haven’t won a single award on a music program in the four going on five years they’ve existed, and having to bring that to the forefront of conversation every time their career is brought up. On Strong Heart, their manager’s wife made an impassioned plea to the audience and public to give them even just a fraction more of their attention, and it was heartbreaking because having to go that far is pretty sad. Even sadder was when Leeteuk, on this same episode, decides to stage an imaginary win for U-KISS in which they get an award and Kevin just starts crying. Then Dongho cries. Then the manager’s wife cries. Then they pretty much just had to end the skit and Kevin explained that literally all they do is practice and live and breathe in this art form that isn’t giving nearly enough back to them for their efforts. You guys, these boys sacrifice a lot in the self-esteem department, Soohyun being a prime example. He took a lie detector test and it was a certified truth that he thinks he is unattractive and has an unattractive body. So here’s where a bunch of blogs would talk more about what keeps them from actually getting that fame they deserve and it’s one of the best conundrums in the music industry. But a better question is “What keeps them going?”

20130109_theoneshots_ukiss_soohyunWhen asked this question the first thing they say is their families. Hoon’s father, who upon learning of his son’s dreams to become a singer, hand built a legit practice room with a sound board, soundproof walls, dance floor, out of an old shed near their home so that Hoon could have a place to train his skills. After failing so many auditions, Kiseop was in a depressed state and found encouragement after accidentally catching his mom crying over how he’d become, vowing right then and there to never make his mom cry again. The second source for their continued strength is their individual dreams. Eli hopes to be a famous action star, Soohyun desperately craves to be in a musical, Dongho wants to be a cook, a businessman, an actor, to have it all, and the majority of those dreams rely on the success of U-KISS, which is fucking tear-jerking, given that a staple of K-Pop right now is to go “Aawe, poor U-KISS, maybe next time.”

On the matter of what it is that keeps them from this success, these factors have been brought up and discussed numerous times: terrible debut, poor marketing/management, little to no promoting in their home country, struggle to find their niche, lack of variety appearances, poor timing, and weird as hell visual concepts – it’s never U-KISS unless it’s a suit that takes a turn towards bondage down the Japanase version of the Willy Wonka tunnel on acid. I think all of these elements are valid but personally attribute it to just fucking bad karma. Come on, there comes a point when you just have to know someone up there hates you, and here is a group that’s lived several lives, that’s gone through every scenario in the book of stardom that other idol groups have done but who haven’t become famous.


Finally, where are they now? Well, truth be told they pulled another rabbit out of their hat with “Stop Girl,” which arguably brought them the most positive attention since the “Man Man Ha Ni” era, and wonderfully deserved it was. Here was a group that was polished and unique in a way that only veterans can be. The song itself making a full circle with the career, by being a slow-tempo R&B track harking back to a 90’s style sound. Complimenting the brilliant arrangement, the swag-nifencence of the vocals, and the coolness of the lyrics was the completely amazing live performance. The dance is incredible, and offered viewers some of the best choreography seen all year. Everyone flows perfectly with the rhythm and the interaction with the backup dancers is positively marvelous.

eliThis should bring us up to speed with the grueling “Gangstar Boys” they are now. Oh, U-KISS, just hang in there a little more. If they survive longer than the beloved idols leading the Hallyu Wave is anyone’s guess but a statement made by Soohyun was particularly striking in one of their interviews. He and the group wholeheartedly believe that they never wanted to be tied to the aforementioend Hallyu Wave because it is a “boom.” It will die down, and anyone with a serious thinkning cap knows that. And so he and the boys have a mindset of not just lasting as long as long as this global interest in K-Pop remains but afterwards as well, to make their mark in Japan for sure, as well as South Korea as a legitimate group on their own terms who produced quality music and were cognized as artists instead of just pretty faces. See why my husband is flawless?

Did I do them justice Kiss-Mes? And what about you readers? Have any feelings been changed? If so, sound off below!

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    • Claire Buerano

      half-way through the article i just teared up >.< i hope they can see that they also have a lot of international fans and i am proud to be one of them !!! have you guys seen Eat Your Kimchi in youtube? i like that channel because they also see the talent that is in UKISS. I hope that this year they win an award because despite their low popularity among kpop groups they continue to do promotions!!! lets all listen to UKISS albums you guys !!!!

      •!/LimaCake LimaCake

        I teared up and I don’t even know much about U-KISS. I saw Eli and Kevin on EYK and cracked up. They are a group I wish I’d paid more attention to last year :((

    • Angie

      Oh you made me tear up a little. I wish you hadn’t posted that infamous video of their debut, even though Ive seen other idols debuting with the same concept and not being so criticized about it. Ukiss has everything to be successful, they got the talents, they got the looks and theyre really really nice and fun and work really hard. But I do feel they lacked promotions and now theyre kinda famous for being unpopular in Korea, I also believe that the fact that 4 members were not Korean played some role in Koreans not wanting to pay attention to them. In the end as you said it seems like plain bad luck! Im just glad they have Japan and Malaysia and the Philippines and Latinamerica to show them love.

    • Ally Knight

      Don’t use peoples edits without asking. Mainly speaking seopsquared’s elvin background picture

      •!/LimaCake LimaCake

        Are you kidding? It’s literally a stock photo online for people to use. We never EVER take off anyone’s watermarks. Please don’t even bring that negativity here. Take it somewhere else please.

        -Salima (admin)

      • Angie

        is that all you could write? please!

        • Ally Knight

          What’s that even supposed to mean? Haha. They changed the picture anyways.

    • Kurrw

      This made me cry. I hate to be international fan because I feel like I can’t do anything to them! They are so amazing group, in singing, in dancing and their personalities too and their looks! I feel so bad…Once AJ comes back (in February) I really hope that they will win!

    • Kevi Montgomery

      Honestly, hate to break up the love fest- but I don’t like new U-Kiss. I was a Kiss-me while everyone was kissing SHINee’s shoes. Their songs weren’t AMAZING but they were good enough to grab the attention of poor fangirls such as myself. I was bawling when they got rid of my sweet Xander and manly Kibum. The group just feels wrong to me now. I’m nolonger a kiss-me, and alot of new fans didn’t even know the story- I WHITNESSED IT IN REAL TIME AS A FAN! I wish U-Kiss the best, but honestly… I can only support Kevin and Eli now. Dongho was always a bit disconnected >> … T___T Xander even released a solo album. it was…. ugh… look up “I Just” by Xander on youtube. you may laugh or cry. </3

      • SamiSwanSion

        What about Soohyun, though? And I can feel your pain. I mean honestly, it was a low key but just as impactful T-ara breakup. I could see how it’d leave a bad taste in your mouth.

      • Angie

        If you abandoned ukiss then let it go, is ok not to want to support the group because your bias is gone but It would be better not to bring negativity to the “new” ukiss. People keep trying to poison the minds of the new kissmes with these stuff. Besides, most of the kissmes stayed with them anyway.

    • vanessa v

      UKISS has everything an artists could have..talents,personality and Looks..i am glad i found UKISS to be my number 1 artists to love and support all my life..i believe they will stay on the business longer than the other popular groups will cos they not only focus their career in korea but in japan and overseas and it’s great that they are given so much love overseas than their home country :)

    • Robin

      I literally teared up when I read about the imaginary award bit. I can’t decide if Leeteuk is being lovely or being an asshole for this (maybe I’ll have to watch the episode) but goddamn, U-KISS deserves all the awards, both real and imaginary. They consistently have some of the best songs and best choreography out there, they’re ridiculously talented, and they work so incredibly hard, and they still get fuck-all. I just want to cuddle them and tell each and every member how perfect they are.

      • Kei_Kei

        me too i just burst into tears after finishing that paragraph i kw ukiss all too well and it breaks my heart hearing someone else say what we already kw sigh

    • Kei_Kei

      that statement about them being head of their time is so so true their concept was perfect the whole multilingual thing i believe if they had just debuted 2 or 3 years later it might have worked!!! especially with every group now crazy about debuting in the USA or some other parts of the world. anyways i still love my boys and i kw they will outlast many of these new groups and the hallyu wave if they can just stick together. UKISS fighting!!!

    • SamiSwanSion

      For some reason the link didn’t take hold in the article, but here’s the Strong heart ep in question for everyone who was interested in forming their own opinions. I honestly think Leeteuk wasn’t out for blood he just didn’t realize how hurtful it might be?

      • SamiSwanSion

        still a dick move though

    • Aleyna Atyqa

      I teared up reading it… its true i felt it that way but i am never ashamed in calling myself a kiss-me as they are the best group that i’ve ever knew. They have everything. To me, they are the top-notch group, just that people never realise it yet. Their talents, looks, hardworking, just everything about them just make me love them even more

    • Yessenia Gomez

      Oh U-KISS babies~ ;A;~ I support them whole heartily with every comeback because they are underdogs, together with ZE:A. Both these groups work so hard, make great music, dance their hearts out but never win an award for the talent they show. I want U-KISS and ZE:A to shine as a group! Sure some of the members get noticed or get one or two schedules but I think it would mean more to them to at least win ONE music show in their careers together. I really want to make their dreams come true but I’m only one person who tries everyday to make other people see the greatness (underdog) K-POP groups are. There are SO MANY (better) groups that have voices and talent (ALL THE MEMBERS) like DGNA, Code-V, U-KISS, ZE:A and they get over shadowed by the bigger label singers. One day U-KISS will shine…one day.

    • Julili

      I think I need to go buy a U-KISS album right now….

    • Guest

      Omg. The U-Kiss Strong Heart clip was so sad! Ugh. I cried for them and I don’t even know their music that well. They want to succeed so much and no matter what they get left behind. I feel for them. I hope 2013 brings a no. 1 win or a top 5 single or something. *fingrs crosed*

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    • Zoë Garrison

      I tend motto think of myself as a kiss-me because of how few u-kiss songs I have found suit my taste, but I must say that this group is one of the most impressive and inspiring out there in the k-pop world. 0330 and stop girl are on my list of the top 10 songs of all time. Their humility and emotional endurance brings me to tears, as does this post. May u-kiss win a much deserved award this year… Hwaiting!

    • whilethemusiclasts

      Okay, never having really given U-KISS a second look, this article is an eye-opener. That’s not to say I’ll be rushing to listen to their music now, but it does make me nod my head in respect to this group. Fighting so hard to stay relevant in the k-pop scene is beyond hard work, and I truly hope they all get what they deserve.

    • Shane Lennan Gomez

      It’s totally unfair ……………

    • Emsie12

      I was introduced to K-Pop with U-Kiss’ Bingeul Bingeul back in the summer of 2010 and I fell in love with K-Pop with them. It has always made me really sad to know that they haven’t been able to achieve what most idol groups that came out around them did even though they put in just as much–if not more–work. Their songs while sometimes hilarious (Don’t deny our r^2 pi) were always fairly catchy to me. They are definitely having better songs produced in the last year or two than when they debuted so I’m hoping that will bring them more attention closer to ‘home.’ I’m a little anxious/ leery about their sub-unit that’s coming out but hoping for their success, because they so deserve every positive attention they can get. (Plus, I mean really, they’re so effin’ cute how can you not love them?)

    • Terri

      Even if Leeteuk didn’t do what he did for malicious reasons, surely he would remember his own feelings when Super Junior won their awards for ‘Sorry Sorry’ – at the very least, it was highly inconsiderate.
      I also feel like U-Kiss’ company has kind of screwed them over – let’s face it, companies have a huge role to play in a groups popularity (talented or not) and I feel like NH Media just isn’t doing enough for them in Korea. One of the best moves I’ve seen made for the group were by Kevin – his positive reaction and tweet to Eatyourkimchi’s Kpop Music Monday introduced him to a lot of people who had never heard of the group, as well as their backstage interview with EYK at Inkigayo (seriously, I hadn’t even listened to one U-Kiss song watching the interview, but I couldn’t stop fangirling over them, and their lovely manner). Thanks to Kevin waving at EYK at Inkigayo, he won over a lot of kpop fans with his fanboying over Simon&Martina. U-Kiss and EYK have built up a nice bond, and I think it makes international KissMes feel closer to U-Kiss (or is that just me?)
      Both ‘Stop Girl’ and ‘Standing Still’ were great songs, with fantastic dancing – I still can’t grasp that they haven’t won an award for it.
      *sigh* /rant over

      • nancyau

        Whoa what a coincidence I was exactly the same as you!!! EYK’s intervuew was what got me into them XD

        • Terri

          Awesome! Backs up what I said that Kevin made such a good move

          And wasn’t that interview just the cutest thing ever? :)

          • nancyau

            Yeah i agree with what you said about Kevin. I’ve seen on heaps of websites where they say ‘I am officially in love with them’ after watching the UBeat interview. OMG agreed, I was literally like awww throught the whole interview.

            • Terri

              For me, it was the backstage interview at Inkigayo (on S&M’s bonus page), but omfg, I was dying because of the UBeat interview. They were too funny on that one x)

            • nancyau

              Haha yeah mine was too!!! It was adorable and funny at the same time XD

      • Rin Sanada (真田 りん)

        I found out about them from a friend who is gaga over Kevin. She showed me the interview with EYK at inkigayo. But I was already watching EYK by then and haven’t missed an interview with them together yet and never will. I also re-watch them….I love both U-Kiss (Kevin) and EYK.

    • Inside-of-Me

      so i’m a hardcore and loyal kissme, and what i read is all true. i was feeling so bad for them all these yeaars but never gave up on loving and believing in them. Also, i don’t understand why my hubby (soohyun) would he say he is not attractive? it makes me so sad to hear that because it’s not his looks that made me love him but for who he is. and everything in this article that i read, i was thinking the same as you T~T thank you so much for an article to be read by so many kpoppers^^

    • Calannie

      I am a 48 year old loyal KissMe. I will be a KissMe until I die. These boys work harder than ANYONE in the Korean music business. They work harder than just about ANY artist, regardless of country of origin, that I know of. Soohyun, you are by NO means unattractive. NONE of you are. You are all beautiful, manly and incredibly sexy. You are all incredibly talented. Do NOT let anyone else let you believe otherwise. I raise my glass to you boys, and will support you emotionally and financially with all my being. Love you guys tonz. /hugs and smooches.

    • Lelay(~*v*)~ ~(*v*~)

      This blog speaks the frustrations of all kiss mes, having our boys not receive the recognition they should have. But if you’ll ask me, I’d say, “do they even need the award?” I mean, does one single trophy represent U-kiss’ success? No. They’ve accomplished more than that. And we all know I’m right. :)

    • SakiVI

      Simon and Martina picked them up and have given them lots of attention, which means Soompi readers will know them, so hopefully that will keep up their sales internationally.

      I don’t like their music. [Ducks bullets and other missiles.]

      But they’re really funny on variety when they’re not OTT flaming. Seriously, unless their target is the gay-dom, shouldn’t they stop flaming? (And before anyone reacts to that, watch the episode of South Park where Mr. Garrett tries to get fired for being gay for the payout, and then yells at the parents for tolerating all sorts of creepy stuff in the name of tolerance.)

      I wanted to watch more of their variety work, but it bordered gay S&M (again, South Park’s Mr. Garrett would agree) at times and I turned it off because it just felt way inappropriate. Instead, I wanted to see them being funny: Eli all manly, Dongho the Evil Maknae, Kiseop the Scaredy-Cat 3rd degree black belt (how hilarious is that?), etc.

      Anyway, good luck to them. Poor kids…

    • SakiVI

      Strangely, as a BBC, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. U-Kiss has actually been really successful. First, their company pays them and pays them well. Second, they get variety shows – Mamma Mia with Kevin recently, for example – and musicals (Kiseop and Kevin and, I think, Hoon), and some drama work too (mostly Dongho, but others have too).

      And they’re still going strong with showcases, international work, and frequent output. So, they actually look really successful to me.

    • KittyPL

      While reading this, I feel like I wanted to cry. I teared up when you say, Kevin cries,Dongho cries and their manager’s wife cries on music program.
      Yes, I am Kssme. They (including Alexander and Kibum) are all talented in singing, dancing everything. The first song I heard in Kpop world is Super Junior- Sorry sorry but personally I didn’t like their song at first. However, for U-Kiss, my reaction is very different. I like them, their songs, their dance since my first time listening/watching their music video “Not Young”. It always breaks my heart when my friends and many people only know SUJU, SNSD and don’t know U-Kiss.
      I have listened all of U-Kiss’s songs, in my opnion, most of their songs are even better than the others,
      -I hope U-Kiss will be top soon. Kissmes please support U-Kiss 4ever.
      (U-Kiss= Alexander+Soohyun+Kibum+Kiseop+AJ+Eli+Hoon+Kevin+Dongho)+Kissmes = 4evertheone.

    • Heather

      Alexander is out I see

    • Kissme!

      Honestly, I think the reason U-KISS isn’t popular is because most people like groups like EXO, Super Junior and Girl’s Generation/SNSD is because they are the current trend and they don’t want to be left out by their friends so they learn everything possible about the popular groups and neglects the others even if their names appear. Hence, it is unjust to treat U-KISS this way just because they are not one of the more popular groups. If U-KISS wants to be more popular, I give this advice to viewers: spread the name of U-KISS more until the day that when you say U-KISS, people won’t give a blank stare and would give a sparkly expression: ”Wow! U-KISS! Their songs are totally awesome! I’m their fan as well! They all look so handsome, especially my bias (can be anyone, I’m not going to choose for you)!”

      For antis, just listen to this. Even if you hate them, don’t voice it out. It’ll only make their popularity plummet. What if people say that your favourite artist or band stinks (not saying that I’ll do that.) you yourself would feel angry right? So just contain it within yourself. Every group has a right to win at least 1 award and thanks to some negative remarks, U-KISS never won much. I would really appreciate if you all could just understand how each member feels when they read such bad remarks.

    • Theresa

      Now Dongho has left… T__T
      I understand why, but it doesn’t prevent me from feeling disappointed

    • 13teddies13

      Wow, this is amazing. I almost cried. U-Kiss does deserve so much more recognition, they are SO talented, and dedicated.

    • DeAnna

      Ugh i love this article. I love U-Kiss! They deserve better.