The One Shots Gettin’ Our MNET MAMA Award Predictions On

It’s that time of year again when K-Pop fans feed into the incredible voting frenzy that is the MAMA Awards! We here at the One Shots aren’t above the embarrassing chaos either.  We also go ballistic when our favorite artists and groups are losing in the MAMA polls and tweet relentlessly about it. We do it every year: we get our hopes up that our faves will win and get let down when the awards get doled out in strange ways. This year, we predict who’ll win awards at the ceremony and who should take home those little trophies.

Best Male Artist 

Who will probably win: Psy – Everybody take a deep breath and join me in a collective “Psyyy” of frustration. He’s charismatic and catchy, I’ll give him that, but I cannot stand songs like “Gangnam Style” or as I call it, “Numa Numa” 4.0. But given that this man kept making history by dominating America’s  music charts, there should be no doubt in anyone’s minds that he’ll be ultimately sweeping anything he’s nominated for and then some.

Who should win: K.Will – The man has done no wrong this year, and while I just discovered him weeks ago, good music is good music and homeboy knows how to do good, solid, mature music. I’m lying if I’m saying that his most recent single and music video “Please Don’t” has nothing to do with my bias, by the way. Now had G-Dragon promoted with “One of a Kind” (or anything else off that EP) I’d be debating this much more, but I hate “CRAYON” passionately. Meanwhile JYP just slipped steadily down the slope of relevancy. Oh and Se7en released a song too.

Best Female Artist

Who will probably & should win: BoA – They don’t call her the Queen of K-Pop for nothing. Although she hasn’t released a Korean song for nearly two years, she did not disappoint us with “Only One.” BoA wrote this song herself, which has a simple, relaxed feeling to it, yet with lyrics full of emotion. Not to mention the song’s beautiful choreography! It shouldn’t be a surprise that not only is BoA nominated for Best Female Artist but also for three other categories!

Best Female Group

Who will probably win: Taetiseo – Their album was just decent. But if we go by the charts, the K-Pop fans – at least the ones with money – thought it was a masterpiece. This album secured the 120th spot on the American Billboard this year. They have an army of fans in China and Korea who loved the new fresh side of the “Catalytic Triad” and who will not miss an opportunity like the MAMA awards to show their dominance in the polls. Innocent Seohyun, flirtatious Tiffany and talented Taeyeon are a force to be reckoned with.

Who should win: Sistar – Who hasn’t parodied Sistar’s “Alone” video these last months? Parodies in K-Pop are a different way to monitor a group’s growing popularity. Although they did not have the chance to promote every single song featured in both of their mini albums, they had very solid numbers, and they made use of every single member’s vocal strength. Sure, they rely on Hyorin’s awesomeness, but Bora now shows better mastery and malleability in her rapping skills. Soyu is also keeping up with Hyorin and shaped her voice to better harmonize with the others. This group should win the grand prize based on growth, talent and music quality. But their fandom is not as big as others so I won’t keep my hopes up.

Best Male Group

Who will probably win: Super Junior – Why? Well, they are Super Junior. Devoted ELFs have once again made it possible for them to have high rankings for Gaon and Oricon charts, even beating their record number of physical albums sold from Mr. Simple within a month!

Who should win: Big Bang – To put it simply, they were just WOW, Fantastic Baby! If that was not the song of the year, I don’t know what is. This song was heard EVERYWHERE! and I mean everywhere! And let’s not forget about the Alive Galaxy Tour, which sold out within minutes in some places and has even led them to add additional dates. Big Bang has had great success this year, and I will even go as far to say that they deserve the Male Global Group Award as well.

“Boom Shakalaka, Boom Shakalaka, Boom Shakalaka DANCE, DANCE, DANCE”

Now excuse me while I get up and dance.

Best Collaboration

Who will probably win: Trouble Maker – It’s been on everyone’s minds since the scandalous “not kiss” at last year’s MAMA Awards. It’s been parodied, it’s been covered, it’s been the obligatory dance number that many a K-drama just had to use. And for good reason. The chemistry between Hyunseung and Hyuna is at a fever pitch, in one of the most unlikely collaborations to come out of the K-ingdom. The relationship was totally symbiotic as well. I mean just look at how much swag Hyunseung discovered within himself! And while Hyuna isn’t the best example of talent, you can’t say her popularity, visual appeal, and high octane performances didn’t have anything to do with Trouble Maker’s tremendous success.

Who should win: Trouble Maker – I mean that was a damn good song.

Best OST

Who will probably win: Lyn – “Back In Time” (The Moon That Embraces The Sun). A beautifully written song can bring forth emotions that sometimes acting alone fails to do. Unlike most sageuks, this drama stayed away from the “Baek Ji Young craze” and decided to use another great ballad singer, Lyn, for its main theme song, and it worked well to its advantage. It served as a tool to set the drama aside as unique and original. Each scene was artistically painted and brought to the public a symphony of emotions that were hidden in the musical piece And when it was harmonized with the mediocre acting, it evoked all the right emotions within the audience. The OST of this drama did all the heavy work that the actors failed to do, and for that, only the Music PD-nim should win the award.

Who should win: This year was an amazing year for K-pop and K-drama fans. We were spoiled with a lot of quality stuff. Dramas without a doubt are entering a new era of wacky, serious, and dark comedy that many have been waiting for. Most of us have always anticipated K-drama and potential, and this year they actually delivered. So if any of the OSTs nominated were to win, there should not be any complaints because it’s a tight race.

Best MV

Who will probably win: Psy – Gangnam Style. If it weren’t for this crazy music video in the first place, the song would have never attracted the worldwide audience it now has. Plus, becoming the most-watched video on YouTube EVER will surely be convincing to those expert judges and selection committee, whose votes make up 70% of the decision.

Who Should Win: GAIN – Bloom. Because of the video’s sexual content, I doubt that conservative Korea will want to promote that it’s best music video of the year depicts a girl losing her virginity. Nevertheless, I appreciate Ga-In’s willingness to talk about sex, and she does it in such an artful way.

Best Dance Performance – Female Group

Who will probably win: This might be a call between miss A’s “Touch” and f(x)’s “Electric Shock.” Both of their videos have a high number of views and a BIG Chinese fan base which will help them win votes.
**For miss A it could be their 3rd consecutive win!

Who should win: Sistar should win hands down! They had the best dance! Sure, miss A had their sexy zombie-like dance, but I think it should go to Sistar. Their dance  went well with the song, and it was sexy without being too slutty or trashy. Don’t tell me you didn’t want to bring out your favorite pair of heels and try to imitate those moves!

It even had SHINee’s Key dancing to it!

Best Dance Performance – Male Group

Who Will Probably & Should Win: SHINee – Sherlock. As much as I would love the 99.9% synchronized idols INFINITE to win after losing to BEAST’s lame “Fiction” dance last year at the MAMA awards, “The Chaser” is no “Be Mine.” SHINee’s choreography for “Sherlock,” on the other hand, makes the hot mess of a song much more bearable and actually enjoyable to watch. And I’m speaking from personal experience after seeing it live at SMTown in LA this year.

Best New Female Artist

Who will probably win: Ailee – Seriously, Ailee is the silent breakout story of the year. Who would have known that this girl would go from singing on throw-away episodes of Maury to opening the MAMA Awards? Her videos always have K-Pop hotties in them and she can sing as beautifully as the best of them. And to top it off with a cherry, she was one of the best things about that travesty they call “Dream High 2.”

Who should win: Ailee. And this performance solidifies that.

Best New Male Artist

Who will probably win: EXO-K – We can’t deny that these boys have talent. From their amazing vocals to their extremely difficult choreography. BUT, they’ve only released ONE album this year, which was supported by a ridiculously devoted fan base whose tumblr-happy users got happy virus Chanyeol listed as the next Psy. Anyone else throw out a big WTF for that one? Yes, MAMA may have topped B.A.P. in terms of sheer units, but there’s only so much of Kai’s screamo on “MAMA” that we could take in an entire year. This award is definitely a close call, but in the end, EXO-K will win this one.

Who should win: B.A.P. –  It’s supposed to take groups years to accomplish what B.A.P. has. With 5 comebacks, crazy amounts of variety show appearances, and a slew of image transformations, it’s insane that they debuted in the beginning of this year. I mean, the guys have dyed their hair so many times and had to go back to “Warrior” blonde because they ran out of ideas! Unlike EXO who has the SM marketing gods behind them, B.A.P is under TS Entertainment, a smaller company with less funds and publicity. B.A.P showed us that they are a group with many faces from their fierce debut with “Warrior” to their cutesy and adorable image with “Stop It.” It tears me up inside to admit this, but B.A.P. deserves this win.

Artist of the Year

Who will probably win: Big Bang – With Big Bang actually attending the show this year, a strong army of voting VIPs, and an album that got people going Monster crazy, it’ll be hard for them to lose this one.

Who should win: Psy – There’s no doubt in my mind that Psy is unequivocally the artist of the year. He’s not only the biggest artist of the year in Korea, but the biggest all over the world. People heard “Gangnam Style” at Hip Hop clubs, all over Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Glee, Dancing With the Stars, and their grandmothers’ iPods. Even if we eventually got sick of Gangnam Style, we didn’t get sick of Psy. He owned this year.

Feel free to share with us who you think will be the winners, and tune in to the livestream online on Friday 7PM, Korean standard time, to see the results.

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    • 귀염둥이 루한

      This sounds biased to me…
      It might be because you might not be an exotic…

      “It’s supposed to take groups years to accomplish what B.A.P. has. With 5 comebacks, crazy amounts of variety show appearances, and a slew of image transformations, it’s insane that they debuted in the beginning of this year. I mean, the guys have dyed their hair so many times and had to go back to “Warrior” blonde because they ran out of ideas! Unlike EXO who has the SM marketing gods behind them, B.A.P is under TS Entertainment, a smaller company with less funds and publicity.”
      This sounds biased. yes. it’s true. BAP made wayyyyyy too many comebacks…. especially for a rookie group…

      BAP and EXO worked equally as hard to even get on the nominee list.
      If you didn’t think about it,
      EXO made 23 teasers, 3 MVs, and many songs (from both their album and teasers). They also learned lots of choreography for many songs. They also performed Mama, What Is Love, Two Moons, and Angel many many times in Korea (and outside of the country). They had 8 SM TOWN concerts to do. They flew to many countries because of their schedules.

      “Unlike EXO who has the SM marketing gods behind them, BAP is under TS Entertainment, a smaller company with less funds and publicity.”
      You think Exo is popular because of SM? Are you serious? If Exo debuted under a different company with the same MVs and album, I think Exo would’ve made it big. As big as Nu’est. As big as BAP. As big as any other rookie group who should win the award.

      Some people need to seriously realize the fact that BAP isn’t the only hard working rookie group out there….

      • Ashley

        I don’t think it sounds totally biased. In fact, this is one of the nicer things I’ve heard about the two rookie groups competing for the award. They actually acknowledge that EXO is talented. I mean, after all, they had to pick who they thought deserved it, so yeah, some bias would come through. But they made good points, in my opinion. She also wrote, “It tears me up inside to admit this, but B.A.P. deserves this win.” I personally love both groups, seen both of them live. And EXOtics saying that their boys deserve it more than B.A.P is just as justified as Babys saying their boys deserve it more than EXO. People just need to calm down. Whoever wins will win. They were both undeniably the strongest rookie groups this year. But I do think that EXO being a part of SM has a LOT to do with their star power. Like they said, marketing gods SM had them do 23 teasers, and SM knows how to train their artists. If anything, I think you might sound a little biased…

      • Ong Ying Yi

        But you can’t deny that they got more attention than other rookies because they’re from SM.

        HAHAHA and overdue comment XD

    • How I Met Your Mother

      Most sound about right except the female dance group award and male rookie award…

      Female dance group who should win: either Miss A or F(x)

      ” ” ” ” would win: F(x)

      Sistar winning would be like Beast winning over all other male groups with Fiction last year, no difference

      Male rookie group who should win: Busker Busker

      ” ” ” ” would win: EXO-K

      B.A.P really doesn’t have a strong point, they promoted all year round with different singles and mini albums which at the end of the day doesn’t mean much if you aren’t strong digitally or physically…While rookies like Ailee, Busker Busker, EXO, Lee Ha Yi who can easily rival older more established groups digitally or physically (Busker Busker can do both)