SHOTcast: 2PM, The Wonder Girls, and the Downfall of JYPE

[frame title=”20121121_theoneshots_jyp” href=”” src=”” width=”300″ height=”” type=”right” target=””]Welcome to our first OneShots Podcast!

In this edition, Michelle and I talk about JYPE’s slow decline from a Big 3 company to a shell of what it wants to be. We discuss the poor management of all JYP’s artists, including our Ultimate Lovers, 2PM. What can JYPE do to maintain a stronghold in the K-Pop industry? We give our suggestions, and you should too!

2PM’s Jay Park scandal and declining music quality (2:40)
The Wonder Girls’ Western venture (17:40)
Is Miss A’s “I Don’t Need A Man” Any good? (28:25)
Almost forgetting about 2AM (33:53)
Where the hell is JJ Project? + 15&’s stupid marketing (39:46)
Epic fail: Dream High 2 (50:20)
Can JYPE still be considered a Big 3 company? (53:07)

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SHOTcast: 2PM, The Wonder Girls, and the Downfall of JYPE by The_Oneshots on Mixcloud

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    • SoundBits15-SP

      By the way, I love your first podcast!
      I can totally relate to you and 2PM! I feel like I have known them for a long time, when in reality I just got introduced to K-Pop earlier this year. And really,what is up with the name of the tour ? “What time is it?” and a tour with no new songs?! OMG and yes “Again and Again” was their hit, I mean “Heartbeat” was good BUT it was not the same as “Again and Again”. Also, I find myself watching old videos of 2PM, their performances with the flips,jumps and just pure awesomeness! Michelle, WooYoung is my ultimate bias also :) And about them still being relevant, I am having a hard time thinking how they will comeback. Will it be another sad/heartbreaking song? Either way I will welcome them with open arms but I hope they don’t disappoint.

      ****I was one of those people who didn’t like the Wondergirls “Like Money”

      Now about Miss A…… together as a group, Suzy is the member that least stands out to me. I don’t know why.
      Also, I am a big ballad lover. But 2AM doesn’t even cross my mind when I am searching or telling someone about what ballads to listen too. I always forget about them!
      Now JYP, oh what are we going to do about him. He is like that old man who is still trying to be cool. Who goes out, buys a leather jacket and a motorcycle. But you know what, JYP can still be cool……… I agree with you guys, he needs to step back from the spotlight.

    • JK

      HOW CAN YOU FORGET 2AM! [the best girl group in k-pop]
      I think JYP needs to let them do individual activities more in addition to their ballads. they could all be way more popular individually, and then come together occasionally for some songs. jo kwon’s solo album is so good and he should be allowed to do more dance-type stuff (because his fierceness needs to be unleashed on the world).

      changmin’s voice suits everything, he could do way more than ballads and probably be a hit, but I feel like 2AM kinda brings him down. I love 2AM, but I feel like changmin could be way more popular as a solo artist. being in 2AM he just constantly gets recognized as being ugly and old compared to other idols, and then appears to belt out the chorus of 2AM’s songs. he could be so much more.

      and really, Jin Woon!! for real should break away and do his own stuff completely. they don’t let him sing at all, but he’s so talented and his rock songs are so good (his song is THE only good song in dream high 2). he has a good personality…and body, and that makes up for his face.

      •!/LimaCake LimaCake

        The problem with changmin is that kpop fans won’t accept him unless he’s in a group. in a group he can be “the guy with the amazing voice” but as a solo artist, fans will just think he’s the “ugly guy who can sing.” It’s a shame but true.

        omg Jinwoon is hot are you kidding!!! lol -Salima

    • TrollSica

      OMG! you’re like the first person (for me) that has mentioned the awkwardness between kwonie’s personality and his body. when i first started learning about 2am, i think jokwon came out on a magazine with his top off & it was really really difficult for me to get used to that.. it’s just really weird for me to see (like you said) someone so ripped to be dancing girl dances so well.

      but at least jokwon doesn’t always take his clothes off, so i just avoid ANY pictures like that lol

      •!/LimaCake LimaCake

        lol thank you for appreciating that! Kwonnie can have a sexy body all he likes but it’s always going to be a little awkward lol.

        Thanks for your compliment! So you’re saying we’re like the Disney version of akf and aj? We’ll take that! hahaha. Glad you stumbled upon us and hope you stick around -Salima

        • TrollSica

          hahah not Disney version.. Disney’s too unrealistic. so far you guys have shown the reality of kpop in your articles & whatever posts you make. i like aj & akf but they only post their rants, so overall, it just makes one wonder, why keep listening to kpop then? but oneshots give the + and the – of kpop, which i enjoy :] basically, i’m saying you guys enjoy kpop in its entirety & criticize it in its entirety instead of being oh so completely bias/hateful lol

          i’ve been keeping an eye out for oneshots since i found out, but i’ll definitely listen to more podcasts!

          ironically enough, jyp just announced he’s preparing for 15&’s comeback hahaha

    • Terri

      Very interesting talk, I really enjoyed it :) I’d love to hear what you think on SM and how they’re ignoring their artists :)
      I feel bad for 2AM… they’re gorgeous and talented, but no one really cares :(