Chatting Over an Iced Coffee, Espresso, Double Shot: Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour in LA

Getting VIP tickets to Big Bang’s first show in Anaheim was probably one of the greatest decisions we ever made. While we wonder if this post-BB depression will ever fade away, here’s our take on what happened at Friday’s show, theONESHOTS style.

Salima: Yo what’s up?

Michelle: Nothing much.

M: Watching Infinite vids in preparation for the fearless leader’s solo debut.

S: Omg, I don’t even wanna know.

S: I wanted to check up and see if you’re still depressed after the Big Bang concert.

M: Um, yeah.

M: Which is why I’m watching Infinite vids.

S: Why? Haha.

M: I’m dosing myself with all other groups to treat my post-BB depression. Trying to avoid Tumblr like the plague.

S: Why are you depressed!??!

S: Ok, not gonna lie, I’m depressed too.

S: I swear I haven’t been on Tumblr in 3 days. I can barely even go on Twitter.

S: I’m crying thinking about how close I was to Taeyang.

S: How did you like it overall?

M: BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. And yes, that had to be in all caps.

S: I can’t even remember it.

S: It’s like, everything happened so fast.

M: There are definitely parts that I blacked out, but I can still remember how I felt.

M: Most of it was shock.

M: You know what the weird thing is?

S: What?

M: Thinking back, I think I was more shocked to see them at the concert than at sound check, even though sound check came first.


S: Now that I think about it…me too!

M: I think it was because at sound check, they came out individually.

S: During sound check, they were more like regular people too.

S: No makeup.

S: So, what do you remember about sound check?

M: I remember being confused a lot at the beginning. I didn’t really know what to expect.

M: But then when we noticed Taeyang up at the drums…

S: Ahh!

S: I almost died.

S: I didn’t believe it was him!

S: I didn’t even know he knew how to play the drums!

S: Fangirling just thinking about it.

M: Made him that much hotter, huh?


S: The man is hot and musically talented…and can dance.

S: What more can you ask for?

M: For him to shave his hair. Lol.


S: Everyone was giving Big Bang members gifts and all I wanted was to give him a pair of scissors.

M: That might have been a bit dangerous to throw on stage…

S: LOL it would be better than the bras and panties girls are throwing onstage these days.

S: Anyways, I was disappointed Taeyang didn’t stay on the drums for too long. Before we knew it, GD had come out.

M: Get your Cray On.

S: Dumb song that one. I had a bloody headache listening to it live.

M: Oh then, you MUST have enjoyed the fact that he sang it not once, but TWICE.

S: OK, what was that about?!

M: I think he was trying to figure out what to do for the actual show.

M: There were variations in the music and a bit with the dance formations.

M: I definitely remember the crowd being less enthused the second time around.

S: Ok, I think the crowd had a right to be less enthused, mainly because he seemed so disinterested himself.

S: He wouldn’t look at the crowd.

S: He kept his stupid sunglasses on, and he didn’t smile once.

S: Did he even realize we were there???

M: It totally didn’t seem like he acknowledged our existence.

M: But even with his sunglasses on, when he came near us, I tried my hardest to make eye contact with him and epicly failed.

S: LOL. So did I!

S: I was like, “Jiyong, please look at me!!”

M: But he just kept going, speaking in Korean to the sound people, making sure everything was right.

S: Haha yeah. Doesn’t he know we only understand English?

M: But when he did that freestyle English rap after Crayon, I still could barely understand what he was saying.

M: Something about being 25?


S: About being mysterious, curious, and the best…PERIOD.

S: Hahaha.

S: I suspect someone wrote those lyrics for him.

S: In fact, I’m sure of it.

S: Do you really think G-Dragon penned those lyrics by himself?

S: I’m wild and I’m young. They all been obsolete. Why so damn serious? Got yo girl delirious. I’m only 25 and got the world so curious. Is it cuz of my style or my flow is mysterious? King with them aces, I’m the best. Period.

S: The word delirious is a hard word!

M: I think he could.

S: King of aces, that’s a hard metaphor!

M: In my mind, there is nothing GD cannot do. *swooning*

S: Except find an outfit that matches apparently.

M: Haha.

S: But Daesung was amazing during sound check—he came out smiling, waving and looking at the crowd.

S: And you seem to have gone crazy thinking he looked directly at you.

M: Uh, because he did.

M: And it wasn’t just me who thought it.

M: I was told after the concert by a friend how jealous she was that he was looking directly at me.

M: So it is fact.

M: Daesung literally sang to me, and I was singing back.

S: Ok, I’m not gonna lie, he did look directly at you.

S: And I tried to move you out of the way so he could be looking at me.


M: But seriously, that boy is beautiful in real life.

M: Without makeup on too!

M: When he first came out during sound check, my jaw dropped.


S: I was like, is that our Dae??

M: I mean, all the other members looked exactly like as if they had walked out of my computer screen, but Daesung…


M: His eyes were what got me.

S: I would totally want to be his friend. I don’t know if I’d wanna make out with him or anything.

S: But I’d like him as my hot friend I guess.

M: I actually think that out of all the Big Bang members, he would be the best “best friend.”

M: I could totally picture myself running to him and crying on his shoulder if T.O.P and I got into a fight.


S: Seungri would just take all the spotlight!

S: Speaking of Seungri, he was nowhere to be found. For the most part, his mic was having problems.

M: Except for his “ah, ah 1, 2.”

S: He was very enthusiastic about testing his mic. Lol.

M: But all I was thinking was, “Can T.O.P do that please?”

S: Can we please talk about Taeyang now?

S: I’ve been waiting patiently to talk about the hottest man on Earth.

M: And how your dreams were fulfilled that day?



S: We had some freaking awesome standing spots.


S: We were in the front row, so whenever GD or Taeyang or Daesung came to the edge of the stage, we were literally like a foot from the members.

S: And for some reason, Taeyang likes to remind his fans that he’s so close, yet so far.

M: Such a tease.


S: Anyways, he makes his way down the stairs, in between the stage and the fan barricades.

S: He’s singing and just walks RIGHT past the fans.

S: Did you try to grab him?

S: Because damn it, I did and failed.

M: Um of course I did!

M: Our faces were so close. There’s no way that he didn’t see us trying to get his attention.

M: He just stopped right there and was like, “Uh never mind. I’m just gonna leave these fangirls to suffer and bask in my glory.”

S: UGH I was so devastated.

S: Anyways, a bit later, he decides he’s going to go down those same steps, and as he’s making his way past the fans again, my heart starts beating super hard.

S: And in my head I’m like, “I’m going to touch Taeyang, I’m going to touch Taeyang!”

S: He walks past, and I grab his arm, and he just keeps walking past.

M: Did you full-on grab it?


S: But not like a creeper grab. Just a small brief grab.

M: Ahh, I just slightly touched him.

M: I regret not holding on harder, to the point that security would have had to pry my hands off.

M: All I felt was the softness of his jacket. I didn’t even get a chance to feel his rock-hard biceps.

S: Ok, Taeyang, if you’re going to walk past the fans allowing them to touch you, at least have the decency to take off your shirt.

S: Seriously bro.

S: So did you enjoy sound check? I mean, it was only 25 minutes.

M: Yes. But from how tired I felt afterwards from jumping up and down and how strained my voice already was from screaming like a madwoman, I wondered how I was going to last another 2 1/2 hours.

S: I agree.

S: So we had to leave the arena after sound check, stand in line for a couple hours, and then go in for the full show.

S: How were you feeling when they first got on stage?

M: I think that was one of the most surreal moments of the day.

M: At the beginning, the stage had been covered by this large white curtain with their logo on it.

M: But when the lights went out, the yellow ocean lit up, curtain dropped and the Alive intro song started to play, my heart went into overdrive.

M: It was just so epic.

M: Especially when their incubators rolled out.

S: OMG that was SO COOL.

S: Basically, the guys were in their incubators with oxygen masks on. And T.O.P. was in his, leaning like a fucking G.

S: It made for so much anticipation.

S: And when they finally came out, they just looked bloody beautiful.

M: In white too! It just added to the majesty of their image.

S: I swear to you, it’s the FIRST time I looked at Seungri and said, “Hm. That guy’s hot.”

M: You are crazy. He has always been hot.

M: Geez.

S: Did you think it was weird that they did so many Tonight album songs?

M: Yes and no.

M: Yes because that album is basically accepted as Big Bang’s worst album to date.

M: But no because it is a recent album, and since this is the Alive Tour and not Big Show, they should be performing their newer songs.

M: Even though I had prayed to the K-Pop gods for some “La La La” and “Always.”

S: Tonight was the first Big Bang album I ever listened to.

S: And I LOVED it.

S: I still love it to this day, and I’m actually sad they didn’t do “Somebody to Love.”

M: I agree that the songs on that album aren’t bad.

M: They just aren’t the Big Bang that I had been accustomed to at the time.

M: It’s similar to how people are hating on the new Epik High.

S: What songs did you think they should have done?

M: Well, other than some more oldies, I wish T.O.P had a solo stage.

S: Oooh which song?

M: I would have wanted “Turn It Up.”

S: Speaking of solos, which ones did you like and dislike?

M: I basically liked everyone’s but Seungri’s. Lol.

M: Which is upsetting because I thought he had such a successful solo debut.

S: Yeah, I don’t even understand Seungri’s solo.

S: He performs “Strong Baby” but in military gear.

S: And he has this semi-automatic gun beaming green lasers.


M: Were there even girls?

S: No! Instead of wearing a nice button-up shirt and dancing with hot girls, he’s dressed as if he’s going to war against North Korea.

S: Like what? I just…I just…can’t even.

M: I think it was even weirder for me because “Strong Baby” really affected me when it first came out.

M: Prior to “Strong Baby,” Seungri was the cute innocent maknae of Big Bang.

M: When they debuted, he was only 15 years old.

M: But when 18-year-old Seungri came out with “Strong Baby,”


M: Since that time, I have accepted Seungri as the sleazeball that he is.

S: LOL. In a good way, of course.

M: Lol yes.

M: So seeing such a tame solo stage, with no sexiness, was actually disappointing. Maybe if this was 2007, it would have been cool.

S: What about Daesung’s solo?

S: I thought “Wings” was extremely emotional. He almost made me cry.

S: After everything the guy has been through, the song is such a perfect reflection of getting through tough times. And the way he sings it is just perfect.

M: It’s even better because GD wrote it.

S: GD wrote that song?!?! Seriously? YOU LIE.

S: That makes me love it even more.

S: Ok, now that you’ve said that, maybe he DID write those English raps from earlier.

S: Anyways, the idea they had about putting the wings on him and having him fly around the arena WILL NEVER GET OLD.

M: It was BEAUTIFUL. Tear-jerkingly beautiful.

S: I kept thinking though, I hope this guy doesn’t fall off the damn thing.

S: I mean, that shit is scary. Singing your heart out and having to worry about not falling.

M: Although if it had flown over the crowd instead of the stage, I would have gladly caught him if he fell on me.

S: LOL. Omg. I don’t know if that would be a miracle or a tragedy.

M: Regardless of having to do that stunt, Daesung was flawless all night.

S: Taeyang’s solo stage. I loved his as well.

S: Like. LOVE.

S: Why is this man so beautiful!!

M: What I liked about his solo stage was that even though they weren’t full songs, he actually showcased his dance moves.

S: One thing you have to admire about Taeyang is that he loves to dance.

S: And yes, it can get out of hand 30% of the time, but he, honest to God, loves to perform.

S: There was a group of black folks sitting in the front row. They were the family of the band, and they looked bored the entire show. Until Taeyang started dancing with the swaggiest of swags.

M: There’s no denying that he is a natural-born performer.

S: So, he’s singing “Wedding Dress,” and at the end of it, he goes into ultra dance mode and RIPS OFF HIS SHIRT, does a backflip, and rips my heart out.


M: Haha I was wondering when we were going to bring this up.


S: Like, his hands tore his shirt. What are we even supposed to do at that point??

M: AHH I remember it so clearly. My eyes were glued to his body.

S: Mine too! Can we move on to the next topic before I cry?

S: What were some of your favorite moments of the show?

M: Oh my, there were so many…

M: Can we talk about their Engrish?



M: As expected, GD and Taeyang were pretty solid. Complete with ghetto-fab accents.

S: OMG please explain Taeyang’s ghetto intro of “Crayon.”

M: You mean introducing his HOMIE?

S: YES his HOMIE. C’mon Bae. I’m still not sure if you can use the word “homie” without me snickering.

M: Haha. But I think the Engrish award needs to go to Seungri.

S: Of course! Duh, who else?

M: Whereas T.O.P. and Daesung kinda just memorized what they needed to say, Seungri was more like, I don’t give a fuck so I’m just gonna say whatever English words pop into my head.

M: There were times where either GD or Taeyang or both tried to stop him from talking. But he literally said, “Please leave me alone.”

M: What was your favorite Seungri line of the night?

S: My favorite part of Seungri speaking in English was him saying again and again how he just loooovves California, the “Sunshine State.” No one had the heart to tell him we’re the “Golden State.”

M: He actually updated his online journal with an apology for calling Cali the “Sunshine State.”

M: Favorite line: “I didn’t intend to be funny.. I was sincere in English.. why do I become a funny guy.. why.. I will ask my mom..”



S: Aww this journal entry is THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER.

S: Omg I think I just found myself…liking…Seungri.

M: But my favorite was his “We gon’ get club banging tonight.” Or was it “We gonna club banger tonight.” Does he even know what that means?

S: LMAO! Did he say that?!

M: Multiple times. Because the first time, even Taeyang was like, WTF.

S: I’m dying! I’m dying!

M: Before we move on from Engrish, I think T.O.P deserves an honorable mention as well.

S: For his memorized English lines?

M: “I will remember every single faces.”


S: LOL! He was sooo sweet. Although he’s lying about that, at least he’s making an effort to make us all feel good.

M: But what I really want to talk about is one of my favorite episodes of the night: T.O.P.’s birthday.

M: Before the show, fans had been trying to organize a birthday project for T.O.P., in which after their performance of “Haru Haru,” the crowd would sing to T.O.P. “Happy Birthday.” Thankfully, GD took charge and said, “It’s T.O.P.’s birthday.”

S: Yeah, I was so happy when GD said that.

M: Me too. Especially when he led the singing.

S: Happy Birsday to you!

M: But not before T.O.P. had to interject, “Whose birthday?”

S: LOL he said that?

M: TOP likes everyone to know it’s his birthday.

S: So we sang happy birthday to him then…

M: GD: “Drop that beat.” Commence Choom-TOP.

S: YES! The choomiest of chooms!

S: I’ve never seen him that excited!

M: I was dying. OTL.

S: His dancing was hilarious.

M: And to make it even better, when he finished, he said, “I’m so shy.” *squeals* THAT KILLED ME.

S: Well, I had a few favorite moments myself. I’m a huge Hip Hop nerd. And thankfully, so are Taeyang and G-Dragon, who kept making California Hip Hop references ALL NIGHT.

S: For example, in the beginning of the show, Taeyang would sing Tupac’s “California Love” randomly. And right before their encore, as they’re backstage, G-Dragon goes “La da da da da—it’s the mother** B-I-G” in reference to a Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre song. THEN, he says, “Can I get an Encore, do you want more!” in reference to a Jay-Z song. And there was one more. Do you remember it?

M: Haha I was about to ask you about those encore songs that they quoted. All I remember was the Linkin’ Park/Jay-Z “Numb/Encore” reference. “What the hell are you waiting for?”


M: I got so excited at that part.

S: Those Hip Hop moments really got me excited because it made me feel like they listen to the same music that I do, and it made me feel closer to them.

M: And that if you meet them, they would fall in love with you because you could hold an intellectual conversation with them just about music?

S: YESS I was JUST about to say that!

S: Yeah, so that was one of my favorite moments. The other moment that I loved was the GTOP portion.


S: YES! He looked so REGAL. I remember looking up at the stage and losing my breath. He was just so beautiful.


M: I still fail to understand how one man can be so beautiful, and even more beautiful than his pictures.

S: Yeah, it’s so strange.

S: So at some point, GD and TOP came out on segways, and Taeyang came out on a bicycle.

M: He not only came out on a bicycle, he fell off the bicycle. Lol.

S: Lol. He is SOO clumsy sometimes. It’s not the first time I’ve seen Bae fall.

S: He needs to figure that out.

M: Poor boy. But all that matters is he got back up and continued performing like a boss.

S: EXACTLY. That kind of thing doesn’t even faze him.

S: After the show, how do you feel about Big Bang? The group or individuals?

M: Oh my.

M: I didn’t know it was possible for me to love them even more than I already did. Actually, it was more like I didn’t realize how much I loved them, to the point that I cried after the show.


S: It usually takes a lot for you to cry.

M: IDK. It was all so overwhelming. I was so so happy that I had gotten to see them in the flesh, that they had been everything I had imagined them to be ane more. But I was also sad that I wasn’t going to see them the day after and that I wasn’t important enough to be their friend.

S: Any regrets?

M: I regret not buying a VIP ticket for day two.

S: Me too. But I had an even bigger regret. One that I won’t forget for the rest of my life.

M: What was it?

S: I was standing off to the side of the stage where barely anyone was standing, and here comes Taeyang.

S: He takes off his jacket, but I didn’t realize what he was doing. He takes it off and throws it right at me and two other girls. I was so caught off guard that I didn’t grab it out of the air like I should have. One girl grabs onto it and falls to the ground. I’m pulling on it while she’s on the ground, and I was afraid people would think I was trying to hurt her. So I sort of let it go because I was a bit embarrassed. AND I MISSED OUT ON HAVING TAEYANG’S JACKET!!



S: But that just makes me even more determined to go to another Big Bang concert. I know that at the next Big Bang concert, I’ll either have Taeyang’s jacket or be his friend. Don’t call me delusional.

M: Haha. Speaking of fanservice, what did you think of the other Big Bang members’ interactions with the crowd?

S: G-Dragon seems to not really love doing fanservice. He was definitely into the performances, but he doesn’t do the smiling and waving that Daesung does.

M: I disagree. His form of fanservice is just different from Daesung’s.

S: Explain.

M: Daesung’s fanservice is the type that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. GD’s fanservice is the type that makes you want to grab him by the face because he constantly teases you by giving you a little bit to make your heart flutter but not enough to make it jump out of your chest. Did you see him lean into the crowd at one point to sing to the fans?

S: Don’t remind me.

M: I still appreciate GD’s efforts, especially because of his complete 180 from sound check.

S: So, if you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

M: I want to say nothing because the show was honestly amazing. But I do sorta wish I had a different spot during the show. I could have maybe literally grabbed GD’s face that one time.

M: Crying thinking about his swag and perfection.

S: Anyways, it was a great show, and when they do another one in the US, we’ll be there. Are we dropping another grand on their next show?


S: But if Taeyang asks me to go onstage and dance with him, I’m leaving your side to go to him.

M: I understand.

M: If I could choom with TOP or even grind on Seungri, I would be leaving you too.

S: LOL. Ok, deal.

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    • rinsanada
      Freakin’ amazing, wish I could’ve been there. Next time for sure, if there is a next time. I’m sure there will be since YG understands Big Bang’s popularity in the U.S. now.
      •!/LimaCake LimaCake
        There will be a next time!! Either that or I’m moving to Korea lol :p
    • TOPTOPTOPclass
      Hahahahaah! LOVED your post convo! That’s exactly how it went down with me and my girls. I mean, everything discussed! Daee… wow, his fan service was with everyone! TOP, I was just waiting for his dances. Def. dropping another grand or more for the next time! Glad to have experienced this with you VIPS in line and with friends during the concert! NEVER WILL I EVER FORGET THIS WEEKEND!
    • hector excuse me, the photo link above is taken by me, and i posted on instagram, so it will be better if u asked me before u posted , or give a credit :) acc:chdslut
      •!/LimaCake LimaCake
        Sure! We actually sourced it to bigbangupdates since all of the photos were already credited there. See it at the bottom? It’s just impossible for us to know which photo belongs to whom since none of them were watermarked. So we just gave a link to bigbangupdates. :) What’s your Twitter name?
        • hector
          oopss, sorry my bad, i saw my acc name :)
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